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In today’s disruptive business climate, you need integration technology that adapts with you. You also need a partner who’ll stand behind you as the future of the cloud takes shape. That’s why there’s Cleo.

Help your business realize its full potential

Complete and flexible integration solutions

All the control and visibility you need

Master any change coming your way

Cleo understands integration technology better than anyone. We also know every relationship you’ve got is vital to your success. With Cleo, you’ll discover endless ways to move your business forward. Today AND tomorrow.

Better technology. Stronger relationships. More value.

Because when it comes to integration technology that actually creates value, Cleo … never stops.

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Successfully delivering data in today’s digital ecosystem doesn’t just mean the information gets from Point A to Point B. Given the importance of data, businesses require speedy and reliable delivery every time, full tracking of data throughout its life cycle, advanced security, and more agile connectivity and integration to new applications and business partners to enable rapid business change.

To excel at data movement means excelling at all of these aspects, and this means the need to connect external systems, internal applications, big data, cloud, partner and customer communities, and other data ecosystems is more critical than ever.

Let’s move data better — Together

Having connected systems and reliably exchanging your critical business information is so important, yet some organizations struggle with numerous integration software systems acquired over a long span, or point solutions that do not scale or reach beyond a limited capability set. Cleo solutions easily integrate all of your critical information endpoints and support rapid business growth.

The implications of cumbersome, kludgy, and expensive integration methods literally translate into millions of dollars of lost business opportunity on a frequent basis. In contrast, a highly integrated business enables flexible and agile workflows to increase the:

  • Speed at which you connect with business partners and more quickly turn on new revenue streams
  • Speed to value of reliable big data analytics projects with comprehensive, integrated data sets
  • Agility and flexibility in implementing hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Responsiveness of your IT team to quickly and more effectively integrate applications within the enterprise while more easily managing change

A connected business ecosystem literally can mean the difference between a growing, thriving company and one that is slowly bleeding out lost productivity and opportunities.

The business world relies on the ability to integrate data, and no one can help you do that better than Cleo.

A history of integration innovators

A pioneer in digital data exchange. The platinum standard in business communications. A leader in reliably connecting companies, applications, and people, before it was cool. Cleo is all of the above and more, as we continue to engineer smart integration solutions for current and future data use cases From our early roots in hardware connectivity products to our current authority as a leading integration innovator, Cleo has tirelessly worked to equip our customers with the best data movement solutions on the planet, including:

  • B2B integration equipped with the easiest and smartest any-to-any data transformation for faster mapping
  • Automated certificate management to eliminate manual certificate replacement processes and avoid downtime
  • The fastest large-file transfer solution on the market to reliably move ever-growing file sizes
  • Interactive voice and texting to reach people on the go and integrate notifications into human workflows with more streamlined operations
  • Multi-function device integration to modernize your fax and document management workflows
  • Carrier-grade scalability trusted by numerous SaaS operations to securely and reliably interconnect tens of thousands of trading partner businesses

This continued commitment to integration innovation is the reason customers trust Cleo to move critical business data that includes transactions totaling over $275 billion every day. We’ve always been there to modernize critical business processes and anticipate future integration needs.

Want further validation of Cleo solutions? Check out some of our awards and certifications.

“The Cleo solution delivered the high-availability environment Tungsten Network needed to manage the substantial data transfers for our thousands of global trading partners. Cleo’s truly scalable architecture and advanced visibility features will be invaluable assets for making strategic business decisions and enabling Tungsten’s future growth.”

— Chris Talliss, Tungsten Network

Read the Tungsten Network Integration Story

Serving the world’s largest companies

This highly connected digital world we live in means connecting business data is more critical — and more complex — than ever. Whether your organization needs to connect applications, business partners, cloud, big data, people, or all of the above, Cleo provides the easiest dynamic integration software solutions to ensure absolute connectivity with robust security and high availability, all within a single platform.

Thousands of companies of all sizes, from the smallest shops to the largest global enterprises, have trusted Cleo to integrate their critical information workflows. And the reasons 7,000 customers worldwide — including five of the Fortune 10 and 44 percent of the Fortune 500 — put their faith in Cleo are pretty simple: Cleo solutions just work, and they’re easy. Easy to deploy. Easy to operate day-to-day. Easy to scale.

And as a leading B2B, application, cloud, and big data integration and MFT technology company, we enable complete end-to-end integration that simplifies your life by:

  • Bringing order to your complex web of communication with B2B trading partner communities, whether it’s a single connection agent or a massive global network with thousands of endpoints.
  • Amassing a library of 900 pre-built integration configurations to automate and speed your deployment.
  • Connecting disparate internal applications to consolidate overlapping technologies, enable comprehensive business views, and deliver high-efficiency workflows.
  • Spearheading cloud integration and hybrid integration patterns to leverage the power and flexibility of SaaS solutions with the security and governance you need.
  • Building next-generation integration solutions, such as agile big data connectors and the fastest high-speed file transfer protocol on the market, to accommodate growing file sizes and rapidly gain business insight.

While Cleo has evolved its solutions over the years to meet market demand, one aspect of Cleo as a company remains unchanged: the tireless commitment to providing the best integration solutions and service to our past, present, and future customers.

Cadre of Passionate Professionals

Cleo has built a great team of professionals in each department with team members in dozens of cities around the globe. Our talent includes some of the world’s best brains in integration innovation, customer support and success, user experience design, secure communications protocol and data transport architecture, smart data transformation mapping, and much more.

Join Our Team!

Join a Winning Team

From our spirited sales teams to our award-winning support staff to our dedicated technology experts building the next big thing, our great customers continue to put their trust in Cleo solutions for two main reasons: Cleo solutions always just work, and we’re led by the best of the best in managed file transfer and information integration talent.

And that’s not by accident.

Cleo thoroughly believes in the importance of creating an inspiring company culture where employees can deliver superior results and also thrive in a work hard/play hard environment. Cleo offers a can-do workplace that focuses on striving to continually produce best-in-class integration solutions while also enabling employee growth.

We give our employees the training, resources, and mentorship they need to succeed in not only their current roles but also throughout their careers. And we complement that commitment to professional success with such fun perks as regular on-site happy hours, catered lunches, employee celebrations, volunteer opportunities, sports and recreational activities, and all the snacks, coffee, tea, and soft drinks you can handle.

Interested in joining the winning team? Explore Cleo’s current openings on our Careers page.

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