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Connect Using UDP and pTCP File Transfer Protocols.

Cleo’s deep protocol flexibility enables robust B2B/EDI connection via UDP and pTCP File Transfer Protocols, as well as integration capabilities, giving your business a competitive advantage. 

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Cleo’s UDP and pTCP File Transfer Protocols

High-speed file transfer protocols

UDP: User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is a lightweight but unreliable protocol that lacks native error detection, data ordering, or recovery. Proprietary technology based on UDP is popular in the media industry due to its stateless transmission characteristic and multicasting capability.

pTCP: Parallel Transmission Control Protocol is based on TCP, which reduces limitations on network speeds and maximizes bandwidth. pTCP is also firewall-friendly, allowing for secure multi-enterprise transactions or replication scenarios across distributed infrastructure.

Cleo Jetsonic®: Cleo Integration Cloud’s large file transfer solution enables customers to achieve high-speed file transfers using proprietary Cleo technology based on pTCP. The solution enables the fastest transfer times in the industry — of any TCP- or UDP- based technology — for any file size with a high level of security, reliability, and data integrity. With the ability to deliver more than 2 terabytes per hour, Cleo’s large file transfer protocol is designed to accelerate data movement to meet business SLAs around deliverability.

fasp™: Aspera Software’s high-speed file transfer protocol is a patented UDP-based transfer technology that achieves speeds faster than conventional protocols like FTP/HTTP and enables large-data transfers across long distances.

UDP and pTCP File Transfer Protocols

Why Choose Cleo as your AS2 service provider?

• Encrypted connections: Ensure non-repudiation and data protection for any standard or industry-specific protocol, such as AS2/SFTP/ebMS - tested by the Drummond Group. 

• Compliance made easy: Meet extensive data format standards with sweeping format handling and data translation conforming to international, national, state/provincial, local and industry regulations.

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Compare over 20 secure file transfer protocols

Understanding your current and future file transfer needs will help you to select the best protocols for connectivity, standardization, scalability, stability and security. Read our B2B/EDI protocol comparison guide to learn about your options.


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