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Cleo’s deep protocol flexibility enables robust connection with your EBICS, giving your business a competitive advantage in nearly any industry and at nearly any scale. 

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Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard

EBICS: The EBICS protocol is an open standard developed by the German Banking Industry Committee for the secure exchange of payment information between banks, clearing houses and other financial institutions. The protocol provides end-to-end security through transport and application-level TLS encryption, authentication, and e-signatures. EBICS allows for SEPA-compliant file transfer and can be used to send ISO 20022 XML messages.

Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS)

Why Choose Cleo as your AS2 service provider?

• Encrypted connections: Ensure non-repudiation and data protection for any standard or industry-specific protocol, such as AS2/SFTP/ebMS - tested by the Drummond Group. 

• Compliance made easy: Meet extensive data format standards with sweeping format handling and data translation conforming to international, national, state/provincial, local and industry regulations.

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Understanding your current and future file transfer needs will help you to select the best protocols for connectivity, standardization, scalability, stability and security. Read our B2B/EDI protocol comparison guide to learn about your options.


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