Cleo Cements Integration Market Leadership with Top Rankings in iPaaS and EDI

Users rave about Cleo Integration Cloud in Winter 2021 G2 Reviews; Ecosystem Integration platform also honored with Most Implementable and Best Usability accolades 

ROCKFORD, Ill., December 29, 2020 – Cleo, the global leader in Ecosystem Integration software, said today that G2, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) in its Winter 2021 reports as a Leader on the G2 Grid for both Best Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Best Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software, two key software integration technology categories.  

Solutions earning a position in the Leader quadrant, where Cleo Integration Cloud has been ranked, are rated highest on user satisfaction and market presence (read Cleo’s user reviews). 

The company was honored for its platform’s capabilities serving both Enterprise and Mid-Market organizations. In addition to being named a Leader for Winter 2021, Mid-Market organizations also recognized Cleo for Best Relationship, Best Usability, and Most Implementable in the EDI category – strong accolades considering the complexity of B2B integration in today’s highly competitive market environments.

An iPaaS – or Integration Platform as a Service – provides a centralized console to manage, govern, and integrate cloud-based applications, using tools that connect cloud applications and services, and control integration flows. Companies use iPaaS solutions to scale performance needs, add product functionality, and structure application integrations, all to increase the value of their business relationships.

EDI is the digital exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. It’s the most widely accepted business-to-business (B2B) communications mechanism in the world, largely due to its standardization features and its high adoption rates in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, retail, and other industries. Cleo has been named a Leader for EDI platforms on the G2 Grid for 12 straight quarters.

G2 Grid Reports rate customer satisfaction and market presence based on a variety of criteria. In a recent customer-submitted review about Cleo Integration Cloud, Tom Jeffries, director of transportation systems with Venture Transportation, said, “We have much more control of our data and can see the amount of data we are sending and receiving. Even with a few million transactions per year we have only touched the surface of what Cleo can and will do for us in the future.”

Mahesh Rajasekharan, president and CEO of Cleo, said, “Once again we are honored by our toughest critics – our customers – and humbled to be named a market Leader in both iPaaS and EDI, two critical areas of B2B integration in which Cleo excels. Adoption of Cleo Integration Cloud continues to gain momentum because it is the only integration platform that delivers API and EDI integration on a single platform, with end-to-end integration visibility, and choice between self-service or managed service deployment -- or a blend of the two – all of which makes it the ideal B2B integration solution for today’s complex business ecosystems.”

About Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) is a cloud-based integration platform, purpose-built to design, build, operate and optimize critical ecosystem integration processes.  The CIC platform brings end-to-end integration visibility across API, EDI and non-EDI integrations that gives technical and business users the confidence to rapidly onboard trading partners, enable integration between applications, and accelerate revenue-generating business processes.  On the platform, businesses have the choice of self-service, managed services, or a blended approach – ensuring complete flexibility and control over their B2B integration strategy.

About Cleo

Cleo is an ecosystem integration software company focused on business outcomes, ensuring each customer’s potential is realized by delivering solutions that make it easy to discover and create value through the movement and integration of B2B enterprise data.  Cleo gives customers strategic, “outside-in” visibility into the critical end-to-end business flows happening across their ecosystems of partners and customers, marketplaces, and internal cloud and on-premise applications.  Our solutions empower teams to drive business agility, accelerate onboarding, facilitate modernization of key business processes, and capture new revenue streams by reimagining and remastering their digital ecosystem through robust application, B2B, and data integration technologies. For more information, visit or call +1.815.282.7695.

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