Global Shipping and Ports

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Mission-critical information flows power the world’s largest sea ports and shipping organizations. Cleo lets you streamline operations with seamless automation for easier, more reliable, and comprehensive data integration for global logistics.

Global Shipping and Ports
$400 billion

The global shipping industry accounts for 5% of the global economy

100+ data privacy laws

Meet technology mandates from the UN, IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL, and many more

20+ protocols

Protocols include FTP/SFPT, AS2, and OFTP2

75% of the total cost of ownership is hidden beneath the surface.

Ben Huang
Former Principal Research Analyst

Integration flexibility

Shipping and port integration in the supply chain requires the reliable, efficient, and flexible exchange of data between suppliers, partners and customers, and with multinational regulatory bodies.

  • 1,500 business connectors
  • Robust data movement
  • Any-to-any application, file, and integration of X12, EDIFACT, flat files, spreadsheets, XML, JSON, and GIS data formats

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Integration flexibility

Real-time intelligence

Enhanced visibility increases insight to drive actionable intelligence, reduces inaccuracies, lowers costs, positively impacts green initiatives, and improves efficiency.

  • Eliminate data blind spots
  • View single pane of glass reporting
  • Track inventory across shipping routes and into port

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Enhanced visibility increases insight to drive actionable intelligence


Vessels held in port cost your business money. Successful movement and integration of mission-critical data happens before the goods you get paid to carry can traverse docks, board other ships, load trucks, or fill trains.

  • Securely connect and move status documents and other large data
  • Rapidly facilitate the flow of your business data
  • Prove and audit data activity to facilitate C-TPAT, CSA, EU Green Lanes, ABI, RNS, AIS, and EMCS compliance

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Securely connect and move status documents and other large data