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Whiteboarding with Frank - Onboarding 101

Welcome to Whiteboarding with Frank 

With decades of integration market and industry experience, Frank Kenney is a fountain of knowledge on all things technology. Now, he aims to share that awareness with you. Come back every other week for your dose of thought leadership in this video series from one of technology’s most insightful thinkers and gain perspective on a variety of topics ranging from what’s happening in integration today to what’s on the horizon, poised to disrupt the integration space going forward

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful response we’ve gotten to our first Whiteboarding session, Integration 101. Today we’re switching gears a bit and going to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart. As an example, what happens when we have to make connections between applications or companies, and they’re behind a firewall?

There is a particular piece of this whole B2B or ecosystem integration scenario that is fascinating, and that is the story around onboarding. What do we mean by onboarding? Check out Whiteboarding Session 2 below!   

Onboard Faster


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Whiteboarding with Frank - Onboarding 101
In this episode, Frank shows you the world of onboarding.


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