Eliminate the ‘black box’ - embrace the ‘glass box’ integration method

The 'glass box' approach to integration

Today’s cloud-first business environment is not only hyper-competitive, but constantly changing. Companies need to know their software is prepared to handle any and all challenges that may arise.

IT investments continue to evolve towards adopting a true e-commerce model by updating legacy ERP systems and integrating applications with traditional multi-enterprise B2B workflows. Companies are facing vast EDI modernization challenges by outsourcing non-core integration needs while maintaining high visibility and control.

The problem, however, is that many enterprises have elected for a completely managed service that approaches integration as a ‘black box’, yielding some very subpar results. That ‘black box’ approach simply doesn’t provide the transparency and collaboration that are necessary in the modern enterprise nor sufficient agility while onboarding new business partners.

Additionally, the ‘black box’ way of doing things falls short in other areas:

  • Lack of Visibility and Control: Complete outsourcing offers enterprises no role-based visibility or business insights, because they have entirely relinquished control of data mapping to a third party
  • Limited Connectivity: Lacking a single, unified platform, most MSPs cannot natively handle the growing demand for APIs and application connectors required to on-board any customer integrated to ERP, TMS, CRM, WMS, and other internal applications.
  • Breach of Trust: Once such “black box” vendors are locked in, the lack of transparency into what is really happening to your business can diminish the long-held trust you’ve established with your customers and trading partners, putting valuable business relationships at risk.

So, if ‘black box’ isn’t the answer, just what is?

The Glass Box Approach to Integration

A ‘glass box’ integration approach removes those deficiencies through collaborative managed services as part of Cleo Integration Cloud. The ‘glass box’ approach disrupts those traditional integration tools so it can eliminate technical complexity for users to empower them to become more efficient.

By shielding users from the burden, expense, and technical complexities of designing and implementing integrations across digital ecosystems, Cleo Integration Cloud provides hands-on control and visibility that is required to optimize operational performance and business decisions related to those integration flows. The ‘glass box’ approach that Cleo takes eliminates vendor bottlenecks because it empowers users to communicate directly with customers and partners, while taking direct action on integrations without requiring deep integration expertise.

Cleo Integration Cloud is designed for manufacturing, logistics and transportation, and wholesale organizations, among others, by enabling a business to connect, move, transform, and orchestrate integration flows via both self-service and managed-service user experiences.

As a complete platform with flexible deployment options, Cleo Integration Cloud delivers the automated capabilities and intuitive controls organizations need to easily create integration flows between their enterprise and their ecosystem of customers, suppliers, trading partners, and applications. The result is faster onboarding of partners and applications, eliminating blind spots for integration transactions, and optimizing revenue-generating business processes by improving end-to-end visibility.

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