Don’t Ignore the Importance of Quality of Service

EDI Quality of Service

When a customer is trying to decide between a new EDI software vendor, there are many differentiators one can point to in order to select one or the other. Whether it be pricing, scalability, or something else, each customer is going to have different requirements. The one common requirement across all companies, however, is service.

In this day and age, customers simply will not stand for an amount of customer service that is not up to par with what they expect. Timing is everything, and vendors who are unable to deliver what they promised are not going to keep their customers very happy.

So, the question becomes, how can you improve vendor response times?

You Want to Increase the Quality of Service

At the end of the day, when two software companies are pitted against each other, perhaps it’s difficult to separate the two. That’s why service is truly one of the great differentiators in today’s business landscape. Whether you’re in the manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail, or any other industry, you have unique business requirements that challenge your service levels.

As many as 57% of IT decision-makers say lost orders lead to an annual loss of revenue between as much as $250,000 and $500,000, according to The 2019 State of Ecosystem and Application Integration Report. Those lost orders are due to clunky software that makes diagnosing errors more difficult, and lagging response time. Does that sound like good customer service to you

Companies with unique requirements means they need a highly skilled and experienced team that can handle any request, at any time. Modern EDI vendors are backed with expansive industry knowledge that have been there before, and can help you navigate those difficult challenges. From there you gain enhanced control and visibility over your business ecosystem, and can improve issue resolution times. The end result is an improved level of trust with your customers because you have been fully transparent throughout the process.

Now that is some top notch customer service.

A Streamlined EDI Modernization Process

Today’s EDI processes enable the reliable flow of digital information that support high-value, revenue-generating business outcomes. EDI modernization isn’t simply supporting EDI and EDI alone. Modernizing is about being flexible, and enabling your business so it can evolve with the changing data dynamics that allow enterprises to successfully participate in their ecosystem.

Modernizing your EDI integration positions your company to take on new business and respond quickly to customer and trading partner requests. The last thing you need is to disrupt your data flow and business processes because your environment isn’t up to date. Here are a few ways a modernized EDI system can enable game-changing business advantages. 

Cleo Integration Cloud elevates your EDI integration processes and streamlines your B2B communications. Cleo Integration Cloud helps automate your EDI processes in order to connect, transform, and route your EDI and non-EDI transactions through your ecosystem without piling on the custom code.


It's Time to Modernize Your EDI

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