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We wanted to be self-service at the end. So the Cleo team built the basic constructs of what our partner connections would look like, and then my team and I would actually do the testing, troubleshooting, and some of the minor alterations to those kinds of processes. The hands-on learning made it easier for us and we learned so much from it.”—Todd Baughman, VP of Technology at Giltner Logistics.


Learn how Giltner Logistics utilizes CIC’s self-service approach to decrease onboarding time by 95%.

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What online resources does Cleo provide to help my team and me learn the Cleo Integration Cloud platform and self-service approach?

We offer Cleo Learning, our all-access subscription-based training. With Cleo Learning, you can expect:

  • Access to Cleo University video content (exclusions apply*)
  • Cleo Badges & multiple learning tracks
  • Fresh content added monthly
  • Workshop Courses (where applicable)
  • Downloadable course manuals
  • Release Training
  • SME On-Demand Videos
  • Office Hours with instructor
Are we able to switch from the self-service model services to the managed services or hybrid model? And vice-versa?

Yes, customers can switch between service models depending on their evolving needs. For example, a smaller company may opt for the self-service approach in the beginning, but as the organization grows and receives more business, the business can switch to Cleo’s managed services team to keep up with demand. 

What is Cleo’s Trading Partner Network?

Cleo has an expansive Trading Partner Network that allows our customers to rapidly onboard trading partners in every industry—including logistics, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, services, healthcare, hospitality, technology software and services, and more. 


To quickly integrate with a business in the Cleo Trading Partner Network, we provide a web-based translator, network services, and support. We know what these businesses expect from their trading partners and help your company establish compliant connections. Examples of popular businesses in the Cleo Trading Partner Network include:


How can we manage our users in Cleo Integration Cloud?

In Cleo Integration Cloud, the Admin > Users page gives you control over users on your CIC system by displaying a list of users and allowing you to perform a variety of administrative tasks, including inviting new users, updating and deleting existing users, and controlling user permissions.

How complete are the Accelerators, Boosters, and Connectors?

Cleo’s connectors, accelerators, and boosters are predominantly built-out, requiring minimal effort from our customers. The remaining work is largely customizing certain aspects of the template/business logic to make sure it fits the exact needs of your business, as well as fulfills the requirements of your trading partners.