Cleo Integration Cloud Overview


Your business ecosystem – an interconnected network of customers, partners, suppliers and more – is evolving rapidly. More connectivity means greater complexity, increased data flows, and endless demand for integrations. 

To scale your business intelligently, you need dynamic integration flows that bring together business-to-business interactions, applications, and data spanning your ecosystems to create frictionless digital processes, end-to-end control, and powerful insights  – through a single platform .    

Introducing Cleo Integration Cloud: an ecosystem integration platform that enables seamless, any-to-any integrations — unlocking value throughout your digital ecosystem.

Orchestrate end-to-end integration flows

To start, you can access hundreds of preconfigured connections to the world’s largest business ecosystems -- and extend integration flows with smart connectors for virtually any application or system – in the cloud or on-premise – regardless of format, or integration requirement. And, Cleo offers powerful capabilities, such as platform APIs and robust EDI for onboarding new applications and trading partners, helping you to quickly instrument the kind of end-to-end integrations that will drive new revenue streams. 

Gain real-time business insight

Cleo also provides precision insight into every business and application process. With our activity, message, and trading partner views, you can quickly spot the trends that drive business intelligence. 

Quickly customize your data views

Persona-based dashboards eliminate noise by zeroing in on the data that matters most, and you can define your views and empower users to take direct action on specific integration flows.  The self-service visibility — for all stakeholders — also enables real-time insight and flexible collaboration with key ecosystem partners.

Access operational intelligence anywhere

Whether you’re at the airport or the office, you can access operational insight, on any device or platform.

Centralize the support cycle

That said, exceptions happen — and, business SLAs tied to integration reliability can be threatened.  Cleo eliminates those blind spots by consolidating and centralizing the issue lifecycle into a single view. 

Not to mention: proactive issue notifications, plus the ability to follow and share tickets, makes it easy to collaborate with your team and stay informed — from initiation to resolution — enabling fully-transparent operations.

As you can see, there’s a lot of reasons over eight thousand businesses around the world, of every size, in every industry, choose Cleo for ecosystem integration. 

Connect every endpoint. Integrate end-to-end business processes. And analyze any integration. 

With Cleo Integration Cloud, you’ll maximize business agility. Minimize integration complexity. And empower your teams to unlock value across your digital ecosystems. 

To see more, request a personalized demo of Cleo Integration Cloud today.