Trading partner onboarding

Cut onboarding time in half. You can’t afford to take weeks—or even longer—to onboard new trading partners. Cleo solutions shorten trading partner onboarding cycles and eliminate custom-coded, one-off integrations between internal systems and your key EDI trading partners.

Automated integration processes that let you say “yes” to new business faster

  • Leverage previously created project templates to speed data mapping processes
  • Automate the re-use of integration patterns to accelerate onboarding

  • Create automated processes to quickly transform any data file type, then securely route data to intended targets
  • Leverage advanced integration technology and expertise to streamline integrations

  • Maintain SLA and industry compliance with real-time views of all data exchanges
  • Access next-generation tooling with real-time visibility, and governance

Ensure partner engagement

• View end-to-end partner data transactions in real-time

• Drive business intelligence

• Enable data, of any type or size, to be read by analytics tools

Connect Applications and Partners

Start doing new business now

• Onboard new partners in hours instead of days

• Accept any data type from any partner system

• Seamlessly route data according to established business rules


B2B EDI Integration

Drive partner satisfaction

• Maintain SLA compliance with end-to-end data governance

• Move data with the most secure protocols on the market

• Fortify a strong vendor scorecard through faster partner response times and improved trading partner management

E-commerce Integration

Maximize efficiency

• Onboard new partners without disrupting existing operational flows

• Eliminate the risk of costly errors from manual one-off integrations

• Remove maintenance costs and the need for specialized skill sets


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Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming onboarding processes. Rapidly provision new trading partner connections and facilitate frictionless end-to-end integration flows vital to growing revenue. 

We were reliant on our ERP vendor to provide what we needed and were at their mercy for timelines and for cost. Now we are self-sufficient and can also integrate with various systems. The end result is that we can now call the shots and do not have to worry that expensive, slow to turn over and buggy EDI mapping will cause us even more problems once we commission them.

Mauro Biefeni
IT Manager
Mondetta Clothing Company

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