Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

Give new life to your
pharma supply chain

Power R&D and collaborate with industry and governmental agencies across diverse, complex, and distributed biotech, pharma, and life sciences ecosystems.


Ensure your supply chain operates with optimal efficiency
Collaborate Across Business Lines
  • Connect and integrate your business ecosystem

  • Enable seamless dataflows to support multi-phase research, clinical trials, manufacturing, marketing/sales, and distribution


Transfer Large Files
  • Securely power the fast transfer of large files over distributed infrastructure

  • Easily move genomic data and medical image sets with no data loss

Integration Flexibility
  • Seamlessly connect and integrate trading partners, enterprise and cloud applications, and infrastructure

  • Build secure data pipelines to feed your data lake, connect  across multi-cloud architecture, and enable your human genomic database

Cleo’s managed file transfer and integration solution serves as the platform for LSPediA to deliver the compliance, security, and quality that our customers are looking for. We see exponential value in their integration solutions as LSPediA processes millions of serialized events, and positively view Cleo as a strategic partner in helping companies meet serialization compliance and track-and-trace mandates.

Riya Cao


  • Comply with industry mandates, regulations, and business partner SLAs to reduce risk of heavy fines and penalties
  • Secure PII and PHI to enable compliance with DQSA, FDA, HIPAA, and more

Learn How to Stay Compliant

  • Real-time dashboards and customizable reports for 24/7 business monitoring
  • Track and view all transactions including order status, shipment status, inventory and more

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Protocol Depth
  • Secure critical information flows across business lines regardless of protocol requirement
  • Support AS2, AS4, FTP/SFTP, OFTP2, ebMS and many more

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