Power Your SaaS Platform, Connect Your Community with Cleo

Smart companies are always looking for ways to increase their competitiveness, and cloud computing can be the answer, given the widespread options and lessening cost of implementing SaaS solutions. Cloud computing enables companies to increase flexibility, control costs, and improve speed and collaboration.

But corporations also need the cloud to support their critical B2B integration processes. The cloud opens up a variety of options to solve business problems that historically have been solved via on-premise software. Additionally, the cloud enables modern workforce collaboration with mobility, file distribution, and document sharing as rapidly growing needs.

Cloud driving spend


By 2017, IDC expects public IT cloud services will drive 17% of IT product spending and nearly 50% of all growth across applications, system infrastructure software, platform as a service (PaaS), servers, and basic storage.

Source: IDC

Cleo Integration Suite

Enabling your SaaS and cloud offerings has never been easier or more reliable

Software companies need the cloud to offer more robust, scalable, and secure file transfer to build out their cloud infrastructure and support their SaaS offerings to drive business. Within a cloud environment, a reliable infrastructure supporting B2B integration, extreme file transfer, and data transformation is necessary to keep data flowing to and from all end points.

The Cleo Integration Suite is the single solution for enterprise managed file transfer, B2B gateway, and data transformation needs, and Cleo’s enterprise integration solutions power some of the most demanding production operations in the world. Enabling your SaaS and cloud offerings — and securely connecting your community — has never been easier or more reliable.

Benefits of cloud integration with Cleo

Nothing could be easier

With the widest array of native secure communication protocols in the industry, your community can be connected to your cloud in hours instead of days or weeks. In fact, Cleo’s cloud integration solutions can be installed, without costly implementation consultants, in two hours or less; configured and deployed in only 24 hours.

Architecture you require

Cleo software architecture allows you to add secure connections without modifying your firewall. There’s less chance to misalign firewall configurations and less chance for error, including the kinds that leave security holes open. And with no additional open ports from the DMZ, your data is secure at rest and in transit with Cleo.

Reliability you deserve

Cleo solutions enable 100% uptime in some of the most high-volume data operations because your downtime is also your customers’ downtime.

Insight and analysis you need

Cleo’s easy-to-use, yet robust reporting and analytics deliver valuable insight into traffic, volume, and usage that is critical to your meeting business SLAs.

Solutions that grow with your business

Cleo cloud integration solutions are easily scalable. Buy the capacity you need now, then cost-effectively upgrade as your success grows.

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