Frictionless Netsuite-Shopify Integration Powered by Cleo

Accelerate Netsuite to Shopify integration with out-of-the-box automation and configurable business logic for eCommerce transactions.

Eliminate complex API coding by leveraging prebuilt integration flows.

Netsuite to Shopify Integration

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Leverage the power of your eCommerce business by integrating the top cloud ERP, Netsuite with the top e-commerce platform, Shopify.  Through the integration of these two adaptable business platforms, your company will benefit from improved inventory management, an unified center for KPI measurements and business intelligence reporting, the ability for your salespeople to make more educated sales decisions, and much more.
Discover all the ways our ecosystem integration platform can help you tackle the best Shopify to NetSuite, B2B eCommerce solutions head-on

For more information on how you can take your eCommerce with Shopify and NetSuite ERP for your company to the next level, as well as how Cleo Integration Cloud can optimize your NetSuite ERP to position your company for future growth and eCommerce sales, get in touch with a Cleo Expert today.


Take advantage of 900+
combined years of integration experience and expertise

Retrieve the Shopify orders at specific intervals and create the corresponding Standard Sales Order in NetSuite.

Key Integration Features:

  • Product sync including new customer creations from Shopify to Netsuite
  • Full inventory synchronization
  • Full order accountability
  • Auto-API throttling without manual intervention
  • Order-error visibility, handling and ticket automation
  • Out-of-the-box order and inventory visibility
Shopify to NetSuite Integration

Benefits of Cleo’s Prebuilt NetSuite to Shopify Integration Accelerator

Speed time-to-revenue

Speed time-to-revenue for eCommerce orders by configuring integration flows. No more coding.

Reduce implementation complexity

Reduce implementation complexity and risk by leveraging proven, prebuilt business process logic


Gain end-to-end visibility for every transaction resulting in operational efficiency and control

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