Secure Network Fax and Interactive Communications

In many organizations today, fax communications are a mission-critical part of doing business. However, poor communication between systems and people leads to unnecessary delays, inefficiencies, and low satisfaction rates, and reliance on outmoded communication methods such as traditional fax machines also yields unnecessary costs. What if you had a solution that bridged the gap between your systems and the important people in your business — your customers, team members, suppliers, partners, and more?

The Cleo Streem® solution, the secure network fax and communications system that eliminates the need for stand-alone analog fax machines and analog phone lines for hard-copy faxing, addresses the needs of interactively engaging your important people by simplifying and integrating your systems and multi-function devices (MFDs) with email, fax, voice messaging, and text messaging to reliably keep the right people and systems in sync.

The Cleo Streem solution provides the following standard components:

  • Seamless integration capabilities with MFDs to eliminate the need for stand-alone analog fax machines and analog phone lines for hard-copy faxing
  • Enterprise desktop faxing capabilities via secure print-to-fax client software and/or seamless email integration to eliminate paper faxing with secure document delivery and complete audit trail for security and regulatory compliance
  • Secure authentication and encrypted scan-to-fax from MFDs as well as print-to-fax from the Cleo Streem secure print client
  • Enterprise messaging capabilities to support automated phone, text, email, and fax messaging that can be used to improve workflow processes for multiple use cases, including automated appointment reminder messages, meeting change notifications, facilities closed notifications, and automated surveys
  • Integration with Cleo’s award-winning secure file transfer server software to support secure, encrypted file transfer to the Cleo Streem system along with complete file transfer logging and auditing trails to meet security and regulatory requirements

Benefits of the Cleo Streem Solution

The Cleo Streem solution, a completely scalable and secure communications system, supports any-sized organization to help automate the processes for distributing, receiving, processing, and storing mission-critical information. Organizations implementing the Cleo Streem solution:

Save Substantial Time and Money

  • Achieve cost savings and the fastest ROI by eliminating analog fax machines, phone lines, and consumables for hard-copy faxing
  • Improve processes and automate workflows by eliminating document delivery and receipt inefficiencies associated with manual processes
  • Deploy a “green” technology and meet sustainability objectives by reducing assets, power consumption, toner, and paper

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

  • Utilize existing IT and telecommunications resources, and deploy using a hardware server and virtual server systems
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing MFDs and authentication systems
  • Securely integrate with back-end systems for automated fax and messaging

Improve Security and Regulatory Compliance

  • Enable HIPAA, FERPA, and SOX compliance
  • Adopt a solution approved for use by the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Maintain security and privacy of mission-critical communications

Cleo Streem Fax is our enterprise fax platform that reduces expenses associated with traditional fax machines, improves security around faxing of information, and reduces manual inefficiencies surrounding fax activity. Because Cleo Streem Fax can integrate with a wide variety of your existing network printers and MFPs, you can leverage your existing investment in these multi-purpose devices and save money. Additionally, Cleo Streem Fax can route incoming fax documents and to email, network folders, document management and archive systems. By the same token, electronic documents originating from these same locations can be securely dispatched via fax.

Cleo Streem Fax also allows users to “print” documents to the fax destinations in exactly the same way they print paper documents so there is no learning curve. What’s more, all corporate fax activity can be tracked for audit purposes and access to fax can be controlled for security compliance.

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Cleo Streem Notify helps you stay in contact in a mobile world. It’s our powerful messaging solution for interactive communication with your customers, constituents, team members, students, etc. It can be configured to reach the people you need to engage with via interactive voice messaging, email, or text messaging. Some common use cases include conducting automated surveys and collecting the responses as well as sending patient reminder notices and allowing them to confirm or cancel upcoming appointments.

Whether sending a general message to an audience of thousands or a specific message to an audience of one, the ways Cleo Streem Notify can help you reach your customers are limitless.

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The Cleo Streem ecosystem

The Cleo Streem ecosystem diagram