Enable real-time B2B, application, cloud and big data integration processes

The Cleo Integration Suite (CIS) is a complete integration platform that’s as easy as it is scalable. CIS is designed to connect all your information sources and consumers in a way that drives business agility with a simple and common user experience to manage real-time data movement and integration across your organization and beyond. Cleo’s flexible platform supports all types of enterprise integration use cases, including B2B, MFT, EAI, APIs, file sharing, application, cloud, and big data integration, enabling end-to-end visibility into all your mission-critical business processes.

Embrace rapid data movement and integration

Operational speed and enterprise agility call for comprehensive connectivity, data movement that’s assured, and secured integration for business, people, and things. Learn More

Get empowered with better views and insight

Insight comes from knowing your data — all of your data. Achieve a 360-degree view with centralized reporting and controls across your multi-enterprise data ecosystem. Learn More

Act earlier with greater confidence

When a decision is backed up by the right data at the right time, you get a leg up on the competition. Support proactive operations and better business outcomes with actionable intelligence. Learn More

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Most integration solutions in the marketplace focus exclusively on moving data. With the Cleo Integration Suite, you also get the ability to view and act on the data that runs your business in order to increase efficiency and eliminate downtime.

Leadership in today’s information-overload mode of business requires the ability to quickly filter the right information, detect changing conditions, and predict outcomes. By putting Move View Act power to work in your company, you are enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

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Long-Term, Sustainable Architecture B2B Integration

Integration for business

How will you adapt to optimally integrate critical data across company boundaries, business systems, mobile devices, big data and cloud architectures, and even people? Whether you need to advance your business employing comprehensive B2B integration, a flexible and scalable B2B gateway, or with easy systematic integration that automates application-to-application messaging, you require a next-generation solution to break the chains of legacy infrastructure. Securely exchange, transform, validate, and integrate all your data today.

  • Enterprise platform for MFT-based content routing, and any-to-any data transformation
  • Big-picture support for application, B2B, B2Bi, EAI, big data, and cloud integration
  • API-powered self-service portal for customer, partner, and supplier networks
  • Central control for multi-enterprise data governance, visibility, and administration
  • Quick deployment with a services-light implementation to accelerate your ROI

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Moving big data

Big data gateway

Managing integration and exchange requirements that operationalize data is a complex process. But when big data keeps getting bigger, it can become a severe obstacle, blocking value to your business. How will you connect all your enterprise data points to your federated enterprise data lake? How can you manage your critical big data flows that must move to and from data centers, and feed your analytics platform? You need an enterprise-grade big data gateway to easily manage all of your big data movement and big data integration requirements.

  • Carrier-grade scalability to meet the volume, variety, and velocity of even the most demanding big data initiative
  • Move any type of big data across any endpoint integrating with any big data application
  • Consolidate separate point solutions onto a single big data platform
  • Agile connectors, comprehensive data transformation, deep protocol support
  • Rapid and secure data extraction, ingestion, and integration

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Extreme file transfer

Extreme file transfer

Working in a secure industry means that compliance and data security matter just as much as speed. That’s why FTP, email, and overnighting critical company data is simply out of the question. To support global business models, you need a cutting-edge high-speed file transfer solution designed to enable accelerated transfer times without compromising data integrity. Get your data to its destination faster than the competition — orders of magnitude faster.

  • Automate, integrate, and add velocity to your critical file transfers, large or small
  • Securely move extremely large files regardless of format, protocol requirements, or network conditions
  • Enable faster transfer times to meet associate big data KPIs and business SLAs
  • Optimize bandwidth and reduce system overhead to achieve measurable ROI
  • Eliminate bottlenecking, transfer errors, and packet loss

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Secure file sharing and distribution

File sharing

Sure, traditional file sharing leads to increased productivity. That’s because users get a boost from the ability to efficiently and securely share information internally and externally across company lines. However, file sharing has evolved. The convergence of managed file transfer capabilities with the collaborative backbone of a secure file sharing solution facilitates fully-automated file distribution. Your organization can easily eliminate time-consuming manual processes, including the delivery of files from back-end systems, and integrate vital data into essential office applications.

  • Take out shadow IT and rid your business of consumer-oriented software
  • Secure the file sharing between users and automate data exchanges across systems
  • Realize seamless automation and ad hoc on a single platform
  • Fast and easy implementation with on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
  • Comprehensive support for desktop, web, and mobile access and control

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Optimized case management

Providing effective and timely customer support represents a challenge for nearly every company. But when you are a global organization with customers around the world, 24×7 takes on an entirely new context. And tracking and monitoring concurrent support cases from initiation until successful resolution is an intricate job especially when sensitive customer data is thrown into the mix. To make case management easier, your existing support system could use an API boost.

  • Enhance the coherency of your support solution to offer your customers faster resolution
  • Facilitate self-service so your customers can easily open and track their case status
  • Connect your support portal and file transfer system allowing for secure data movement without delay, regardless of file size or informational sensitivity
  • Fully mitigate the risk of compromise or exposure with secure and complete end-to-end encryption
  • Ensure regulatory compliance through destination and storage access control
Case Management: Three Adaptive Architectures for Dynamic Customer Support

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