Your Enterprise Data Integration Solution

Many companies today have a number of B2B and application integration processes that they must maintain. Companies are supporting complex and inefficient infrastructures in which systems have been grown and cobbled together, creating a complex variety of tools and interfaces required to run the business.

Cleo Harmony is the solution to help you weather the storm. Companies must grow while maintaining, complementing, and replacing current infrastructure technologies in order to create a flexible, secure, and reliable infrastructure built to respond to the ever-growing and changing IT and business requirements. Companies looking to future-proof their infrastructure while supporting business growth need tools that help them manage, govern, secure, and report on the data moving within and between systems — both inside and outside the enterprise.

As companies seek to control, govern, and secure their internal integration processes and their enterprise as they trade with external communities, they need a simple yet robust enterprise software solution that scales and adapts to ongoing business needs. And advanced support for REST-based APIs allows organizations extend the power of Cleo software toward integrating application business processes.

With Cleo Harmony, it’s scalable, it’s highly available, and it’s easy!

The good news is that the solution doesn’t have to be complicated. With the Cleo Harmony technology, you get an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, scalable enterprise software solution that allows you to consolidate and streamline all of your company’s data integration processes while growing your connections and business.

What happens when the data stops flowing?

Benefits of Cleo Harmony B2B integration and application integration

Quickest and easiest installation

  • Cleo solutions are designed to be extraordinarily easy to install and use.
  • Does not require extensive services required by other vendors to make it work.
  • Flexible integration options and easy trading partner configuration.

Widest array of supported, secure communication protocols

  • Natively built by Cleo — this means it’s much easier to use than other market alternatives.
  • The industry leader in the innovation of new protocols.
  • Drummond certified, tested, and proven.

Monitor, view, and act on the health of your data integration

  • Monitor the activity of data moving through your systems and react quickly and precisely if there is a problem.
  • Provides active alerting, integrated voice messaging, and mobile management.

Easiest setup and maintenance of trading partners

  • 100% built-by-Cleo user interface is consistent and easy to learn.
  • With the largest library of preconfigured connections, you’ll be quickly connecting with all your trading partners.

Highly available and reliable to support your goal of 100% uptime

  • Built for high availability and load balancing to ensure system is “always on”.
  • Runs quietly and reliably in the background.
  • Extremely reliable in the transfer of large files.
  • Supports quick and easy audits of any trading partner.
  • Supports thousands of connections to ensure you can integrate with all your internal and external ecosystems.

Use dashboards to monitor, view, and act on data

  • Gain visibility into both the IT and business view of data including the ability to provide alerting based on business rules. Monitor and react using business and IT-oriented tracking capabilities, such as trading partner scorecards, SLA, and KPI reports.
  • Manage data end-to-end, plus view and act on that data to empower your infrastructure and better support your business.

Governance and security

  • Govern your secure data integration to handle your internal and external compliance needs.
  • Add secure connections easily and safely without modifying your firewall.
  • Less chance of errors or security breaches.

Full-featured certificate management

  • View and manage all your certificates.
  • Easily exchange certificates and notify your trading partners of expiring certificates.
  • Smoothly migrate certificates with activation scheduling and overlapping.

Fastest diagnosis of communication problems

  • Comprehensive file transfer logging.
  • Quickly drill down to the appropriate detail level with our easy-to-use user interface.
  • Set and monitor non-event alerts and resend documents easily.
  • Backed by our incredible support team.

Transmission scheduling done your way

  • Set transmissions to occur automatically, at any time or internal.
  • Remove bottlenecks and simplify workflows.
  • Event triggers to speed up processing in high-volume environments.

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