News: Why Your Data Gateway Needs to be a Big Data Gateway

Data Gateway vs Big Data Gateway

A data gateway is a type of solution used by organizations to connect data source and business trading partners for seamless information integration between external end points and internal business applications or for storage and analytics.

A big data gateway couples the data gateway solution capabilities with limitless scalability, elasticity, and speed to enable big data integration flows.

Why your business needs a big data gateway?

In a nutshell, data gateways are “purpose-built systems” whose core functions are to facilitate secure data transfers with robust scalability and application connector versatility. Big data gateways promote the ability to connect critical business information flows to all types of on-premise and cloud-based big data storage repositories (Hadoop, NoSQL, etc.) and big data analytics platforms.

The modern big data gateway solves the security, access, and scalability challenges of the widely popular data lakes, which capture structured and unstructured data in a raw state for downstream business intelligence, predictive analytics, and a variety of data science applications.

Cleo’s VP of Technology John Thielens writes about the “schema on read” principles supported by this type of gateway in the Database Trends and Applications article, “The Big Data Gateway: Your Channel to Data Lake Success.”

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