The Data Storage Game Has Changed

The promise of unique business insights and greater insight into operations might be the flagship reason organizations are turning to Hadoop and other big data-related projects. One matter of debate is storage.

So what’s the hot topic in the data storage game? Data lakes. Stagnant information flows undoubtedly create more of a data swamp, so there are some things to understand before jumping head-first into the data lake business.

One of the most important is paving a fast, secure way for information to fill a data lake. But there are many other aspects to consider, including the kind of security, access, and scalability that would be required to accommodate current and future data streams.

Cleo’s VP of Technology John Thielens writes about the role of secure managed file transfer and what it takes to shore up your big data gateway in the article, “Investing in a Data Lake? Shore up the Big Data Gateway,” for IT Pro Portal.

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