LSPediA Partners with Cleo to Secure, Integrate its Pharma Supply Chain Serialization Operations

ROCKFORD, Illinois – Cleo, the global leader in multi-enterprise information integration solutions, proudly announces a multi-year agreement with LSPediA LLC, a leading software and service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, to deliver complete and flexible B2B integration for supply chain serialization.

Prescription drug counterfeiting is a $75 billion global market, and countries all over the world have enacted demanding regulations to combat the growing epidemic that is compromised medication. Serialization solutions from organizations like LSPediA help companies meet those mandates and create a safer, more transparent system for global drug manufacturing and distribution.

“The data exchanged among pharmaceutical trading partners must meet the most stringent compliance and security standards,” said Riya Cao, CEO of LSPediA. “Cleo’s managed file transfer and B2B integration solution serves as the platform for LSPediA to deliver the compliance, security, and quality that our customers are looking for. We see exponential value in their B2B integration solutions as LSPediA processes millions of serialized events, and positively view Cleo as a strategic partner in helping companies meet serialization compliance and track-and-trace mandates.”

LSPediA’s Serialization RxChain Cloud Solution manages serial data, serial warehouse functions, aggregation, and data exchanges with trading partners, and its Serialization Toolkit deploys the best industry practice for serialization implementation. Bundled together, they help manufacturers and wholesale distributors quickly implement and meet the FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandates.

With file sizes and volumes increasing as LSPediA assists more manufacturers, packagers, distributors, 3PLs, and providers in deploying a comprehensive serialization process, LSPediA tapped Cleo to modernize its integration platform and improve data flows. The Cleo Integration Suite enables LSPediA to secure, automate, and streamline its data exchange processes while the serialization organization focuses on its core business: transforming the pharmaceutical supply chain and protecting patient safety.

“LSPediA delivers game-changing software and services for a highly regulated industry, and we are tremendously excited to power the B2B technology behind LSPediA’s great SaaS solutions,” said Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D. “Cleo proudly joins LSPediA’s noble mission of securing the pharmaceutical supply chain and fighting prescription drug counterfeiting.”

About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions

LSPediA is a leading provider of software solutions and services that improve the pharmaceutical supply chain, protect against product counterfeit, and help businesses comply with FDA regulations. LSPediA customers, including manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and dispensers, leverage our traceability product RxChain to manage serial data, serialized warehouse, and pharmacy shelves for both FDA compliance and operational efficiency. For more information about LSPediA, call +1-248-973-2008, email, or visit

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