Introducing Cleo Integration Cloud, Delivering Enhanced Cloud Experiences for the Modern Enterprise

ROCKFORD, Illinois – Cleo, a global leader in cloud integration technology, today introduced Cleo Integration Cloud™ (CIC), a complete and flexible platform focused on multi-enterprise and intra-enterprise integration solutions for companies worldwide.

Whether implemented implicitly or explicitly, cloud technology has permeated every aspect of modern organizations, and it’s absolutely the responsibility of leading integration vendors to provide today’s enterprises with the right technology to ensure their cloud interactions are dependable, consistent, predictable, and visible.

That’s why Cleo has built a progressive cloud platform that leverages proven integration solutions to manage these increasingly important cloud interactions. CIC makes it easy for today’s businesses to discover and create value through the movement and integration of enterprise data, providing both self-service and enhanced managed services models to enable successful cloud integration and cloud experiences.

CIC’s rich integration capabilities and next-generation cloud technology ensure that customers’ current and future cloud demands, however unique, are fulfilled in an approach matching their organizational needs. Such demands include consistent integration with cloud infrastructure, cloud applications, cloud services and marketplaces, data lakes, and partners leveraging the cloud for B2B integration – processes that are increasingly critical to how businesses deliver and consume technology today.

Gartner predicted a 19.3 percent growth rate in spending on public cloud services worldwide in 2017, totaling more than $257 billion. 1  Integration vendors modernizing their cloud solutions, then, will be better positioned to support the emerging business outcomes of their customers, and CIC is the comprehensive integration solution that finally lives up to expectations of the modern enterprise.

“Categorizing ‘cloud’ as merely a deployment option rather than a set of unique experiences that enable modernization will almost certainly hinder a company’s digital transformation ambitions,” says Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D. “Through Cleo Integration Cloud, Cleo will deliver the enhanced collaboration required for IT, business, and operations teams to drive digital transformation efforts, the elevated cloud experiences that support their key business outcomes, and the technology that enables unbeatable cloud experiences for their own customers.”

Available on Cleo’s integration cloud or a customer’s private cloud, CIC features the automated tools and intuitive controls to easily connect and consolidate the systems, applications, clouds, people, and processes critical to today’s business outcomes. CIC ensures that organizations leveraging modern cloud models and services, including ground-to-cloud integration, as-a-service experiences, managed B2B, and embedded integration, are best positioned to govern, manage, and control all aspects of their interactions with those services, as well as with partners and larger ecosystems.

“The Cleo Integration Cloud platform is the result of melding Cleo’s deep expertise and broad integration knowledge with technologies focused on a persona-based cloud experience, and surgically creating cloud-ready integration services and solutions,” said Jorge Rodriguez, Cleo’s senior vice president of product development. “That strategy has capably positioned Cleo to deliver technologies and services that insulate customers from future cloud disruptions.”

And since B2B integration technology is a fundamental methodology of cloud economies, successful cloud integration will require a special set of skills that Cleo’s legacy as a leader in B2B integration has positioned the company to deliver.

“Because digital transformation is inherently built on cloudy integrations, interactions, and relationships, we clearly understand that everything Cleo offers going forward must bear the load of present and future ‘cloud first’ strategies,” Rajasekharan added. “Whether it’s enhanced technologies, methodologies, architectural designs, or service implementations, all pieces of Cleo Integration Cloud are primed to help customers embark on their cloud strategies. Cleo Integration Cloud is an offering that has been years in the making, and whose time has come.”

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