Cleo Expert Discusses Best Practices for Disaster Recovery on


Jeremy Quittner of recently wrote about how environmental disasters related to climate change are on the rise and how business owners across the country should prepare for the sometimes catastrophic effects.

A good disaster recovery plan in the age of digital business involves a lot more than a few insurance policies and a contingency plan for your employees to work from another location. Just as important as backing up your key data, and the regular reliable transfer of that data to a different location, is quick access to that information.

Cleo’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Paul Lavery provided some tips on how business owners can protect their stake in the event of a prolonged disaster.

Technology advances in the last few years enable a disaster recovery strategy that eliminates constantly backing up data to physical disks, but these advances do more than check off the “storing key data in the cloud” box. For businesses hit by disaster, quickly sending and accessing that data, so they can make use of it, is imperative to keep operations running without missing a beat.

Read Paul’s quotes on data synchronization, managed file transfer, and file sharing services, and check out the full story on the 6 Ways to Climate-Change-Proof Your Business from

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