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This package is designed for the orchestration of a new end-to-end flow from source to the target application. It includes ingestion of source data, trading partner setup, and propagation through Cleo Integration Cloud before delivering to the target application. Data transformation happens as a part of this business process where the source data is transformed into the target format based on the business rules contained within a ruleset. This also facilitates error handling and process visibility for the end-user. 

Example Use Case: Processing of an inbound Purchase Order or EDI 850 from a trading partner into an ERP like Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.



"Customer will provide Logical Mapping Specifications for each new business process template to be developed. 

Logical Mapping Specification. A logical mapping specification is a document that describes the structure, movement and transformation of data from a source format to a target format. A logical mapping specification also defines business logic that is applied during the movement and transformation of the data from source to target within your own system.

  • A complete LMS requires:
  • trading partner’s implementation guide (IG).
  • Describes what your trading partner will send you or expects you to send them.
  • Back-office application (e.g., ERP, TMS, WMS, etc.) data layouts.
  • Describe what data format your system will send or receive.
  • Provide expertise around back-office application (e.g., ERP, TMS, WMS, etc.) functionality/behavior.
  • Define data transformation/extension logic driven by your back-office application"


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