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Grocery Products Invoice

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EDI EDI 880: Grocery Products Invoice

What is an EDI 880 Grocery Products Invoice?

A grocery supplier sends an EDI 880, also known as a Grocery Products Invoice, to a buyer, such as a grocery store, to bill for goods or services. The invoice includes information such as the total amount owed, an itemized list of goods and/or services with it's price, and payment terms.

How is an EDI 880 Grocery Products Invoice used?

Imagine you have a grocery store, and you want to order some products like fruits and vegetables. You send a message called EDI 875 to the supplier, telling them what you want to buy.

Now, the supplier gets your message, gathers the stuff you asked for, packages it, and sends it to your store. When the boxes arrive at your store, the supplier sends another message, EDI 880. This message is like a bill. It says, "Hey, you got your fruits and vegetables, and now you need to pay us."

You, as the store owner, check the bill to make sure everything is right and there are no mistakes. You say, "Yep, we got the goods, and it looks good." You send a message back to the supplier, saying, "We got your bill" (this is called EDI 997). After that, you put the bill in your store system and plan when you'll pay the supplier. Sometimes, the supplier might use a different message, like EDI 857, to tell you that they are sending the products. It's like saying, "Your order is on the way."

So, you need to talk to your supplier and see which messages they want to use. In a nutshell, these messages help businesses order goods, recieve goods, and pay for it, all in a smooth and organized way.


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