Blog: The Real Impact Data Transformation Has on Your Business

The Real Impact Data Transformation Has on Your Business

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We all know that companies need data integration in order to drive their business. However, with each new integration, companies are seeing an increase in the number of data formats required to support the business. When IT cannot support a data format, it risks becoming a roadblock to multiple business processes. The key to unlocking these roadblocks is through data transformation.

The benefits of data transformation extend throughout the entire business – from complying with new customer data requirements to connecting internal disparate systems that need to share data in order to drive business operations. Many companies that utilize data transformation are manually building and customizing them with each new trading partner request, or new application implementation. With so many custom-coded processes built over time, the risk of errors increases due to poor maintenance, changing requirements, or lack of visibility. If even one data transformation process fails, it could cause a ripple-effect that slows down other business processes. As a result, Programmers will have to take the time to troubleshoot the problem, then most likely add more customization to fix it.

We’ve identified some key benefits data transformation has on your business, then reviewed possible risks associated with custom-coding. Now let’s take a look at how the Cleo Clarify solution handles data transformation without the risk.

Cleo Clarify is an integration solution that carries a powerful data transformation engine. EBI includes easy-to-use integration development utilities like the Ruleset Editor, and the Project Generator, which helps reduce the amount of time to create and duplicate similar projects. Let’s say you have a customer that sends purchase orders in an XML format, but your ERP can only accept EDI. You can use Cleo Clarify to build data transformation rules into a project template, then simply automate the actual transformation process. XML in – EDI out! You can even automatically duplicate the template for any other customer that sends you similar XML documents.

Simply put, Cleo Clarify is a single, quick-to-implement solution that requires only one skillset to connect and automate the exchange and transformation of any data type with any business system or application – without needing custom code!

Blatant product pitch aside, being able to accept data from any system or application translates into business growth. Even if you already are transforming data, but through custom programming, think about the possible risks home-grown solutions might have to your bottom line. Data transformation does not have to be hard or require a small army to maintain. If your business goals involve using data transformation to quickly meet customer requirements, reduce the time to onboard new trading partners, or have more control of your data-driven operations – consider moving away from custom-building every data transformation process in exchange for an automated, any-to-any data transformation tool.

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