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Any-to-any data transformation for the agile business.

Companies depend on robust data integration to drive business, but keeping up with the constantly growing number of data formats to support business has become a monumental task. Cleo Clarify™ is an any-to-any data transformation and orchestration platform that enables companies to scale to support a variety of business integration requirements without additional coding.

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Any-to-Any Data Transformation


Easily transform EDI and non-EDI data into any format for ingestion by on-premise and cloud applications

Use existing IT to integrate with MFDs and authentication systems


Accelerate integration with popular business applications with a rich set of connectors and intuitive wizards

Data governance and control


Monitor statuses of data transactions in real time with Cleo Dashboards and reduce errors to better meet SLAs


Any-to-any data tranformation

Doing business faster and easier is the goal of every successful organization, especially if you can scale without the risk of system errors or operational downtime. By implementing integrations using Cleo Clarify through Cleo Integration Cloud, you control and monitor the rapid transformation and exchange of data.

Cleo delivered maximum value for our business. Verbose logging and tracking is a huge benefit for void problems, and the Cleo Clarify piece automated our entire transformation process.

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Adam Kraus

O'Rourke Sales Company, EDI systems architect

B2B integration and beyond

Cleo Clarify reduces the time to build and manage B2B integration processes, enabling companies to achieve business outcomes faster, and even extend B2B integration and data transaction visibility to business users within the network.

Data integration solutions
With Cleo Clarify, businesses gain:
Automate business processes

Expanded automation

Automatically generate, customize, and reuse integration projects to migrate data from one system to the next, and onboard new partners in half the time of traditional methods

Application Integration

Support for any data type

Easily create document schemas, including EDI, XML, flat file, spreadsheet, JSON, and database

Power Business Growth

Maximum integration

Seamlessly couple Cleo Clarify with Cleo Harmony® to provide highly secure end-to-end B2B, application, cloud, and data lake integration processes

Meet customer requests

Address complex integration needs

  • Provide additional transaction sets for EDI to all of the customers’ trading partners
  • Deliver enhanced spreadsheet integration capabilities to ensure all order types are processed regardless of file format
  • Enable test capabilities during design time, and elevating performance as the file size increases
Deliver faster responses and easier access to information by consolidating disparate systems and applications.
Powerful features in Cleo Clarify include:
  • Eliminate steps and simplify mapping

    • Support for new variable types, and consolidated actions and conditions


  • Meet modern application integration scenarios

    • Lever rich APIs and hundreds of out of the box application, date, and infrastructure connectors


  • Comply with any industry standard

    • Built-in EDIFACT and Tradacoms EDI documents standards to increase service capabilities for markets in the United Kingdom

Innovate on the cutting edge

Cleo’s talented development teams are always seeking new ways to expedite business processes, improve performance, offer better usability, and meet ecosystem capability requirements driving new markets so our customers can achieve faster time to revenue and do business better.

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