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Easily transform EDI and non-EDI data into any format for ingestion by on-premise and cloud applications.

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Accelerate integration with popular business applications using a rich set of connectors and intuitive wizards.

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Monitor transaction statuses in real time with dashboards to accelerate issue handling and better meet SLAs.

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What you gain using Cleo Clarify

Discover the power of transforming data into any format.

Eliminate steps and simplify mapping

Support for new variable types, and consolidated actions and conditions. Whether its an EDI XML converter, IDoc to EDI mapping or some other process, Cleo can make it automated.

Automatically generate, customize, and reuse integration projects to migrate data from one system to the next, and onboard new partners in half the time of traditional methods.

Comply with any industry standard

Built-in EDIFACT and Tradacoms EDI documents standards to increase service capabilities global business markets.

Easily create document schemas, including EDI, XML, flat file, spreadsheet, JSON, and database.

Meet modern application integration scenarios

Lever rich connectors to power hundreds of application, data, and infrastructure integration scenarios.

Extend data integration with a powerful data movement engine, providing highly-secure and end-to-end B2B, application, and cloud integration processes.

“Cleo delivered maximum value for our business. Verbose logging and tracking is a huge benefit for void problems, and the Cleo Clarify piece automated our entire transformation process.”

Adam Kraus

EDI systems architect

O'Rourke Sales Company

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