Ecosystem Integration & Value Beyond the Gartner AADI London Agenda

Where to find value beyond the agenda at Gartner AADI London

IT professionals from all over Europe and beyond will gather in London to attend this month’s Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit. And while there are certainly many great sessions designed to educate and inform attendees about the latest solutions and tools for application integration, it’s what’s NOT on the conference agenda that’ll be of considerable value.

So, what’s missing, besides the fact that Cleo booth will be giving out a free cocktail? Real insights about ecosystem integration. Hear us out:

The unspoken theme of the event is that modern application integration patterns spanning SaaS, on-premise, and hybrid solutions are increasingly difficult to support, especially when you have to integrate corresponding B2B data processes as well. Cleo experts will be on hand to discuss why ecosystem integration is fundamental to your organization’s success.

A business ecosystem is an interconnected network of customers, trading partners, suppliers, and more. As your enterprise grows, your ecosystem grows and evolves. More connectivity means more complexity, increasing data volumes and data flows, and a constant demand for integrations. But to scale your business intelligently, you need dynamic integration flows that bring together B2B interactions, application, and data.

So, here’s what you might expect to hear at this month’s Gartner AADI summit in London and the topics you SHOULD be hearing.

What They’re Talking About: Application Integration

Gartner speakers will certainly discuss the many tools surrounding application integration, and how you need to understand the impact of emerging technologies on your integration strategy. Straight one-off application integration isn’t getting to the heart of today’s integration challenges, which includes integrating the countless applications as well as the EDI and B2B systems.

What They Should Talk About: Seamless Application-to-Application Integration Strategies

No matter what application integration tool is up for discussion, the reality is that companies must consider application-to-application integration as a way to differentiate their business. Consider all the benefits of a Salesforce-SAP integration, which provides seamless connectivity and data exchange that enables automation and end-to-end ERP-CRM processing. You’ll have an up-to-date, real-time view of your customer interactions. Pretty cool, huh?

What They’re Talking About: Integration Strategies

You can see it right on the Gartner agenda: “Digital business is bringing disruption to every aspect of today’s businesses … we’ll discuss how to create and implement the clear application strategies and the strong governance needed to support today’s rapidly changing technologies.” Is anything in that description something you’ve never heard before?

What They Should Talk About: Ecosystem Integration Strategies

An application integration strategy is certainly required, but it should be part of a larger integration strategy, one that fully enables your ecosystem. Ecosystem integration allows you to grow by connecting disparate systems and processes, automating data flows, and streamlining and scaling operations to do more business faster, increase ROI, and drive business outcomes.

What They’re Talking About: Enhanced IT Tools

From choosing the right tools and testing in the DevOps toolchain to low-code tooling that can change the way enterprises build and deploy applications faster, there will be plenty of talk about enhanced IT tools at Gartner. But it’s the business outcomes that these IT tools can affect that’s more meaningful.

What They Should Talk About: Enhanced Business Outcomes

Driving your important ecosystem relationships with your customers and trading partners will power your business. Your enterprise’s success depends on the ability to consolidate, integrate, and automate mission-critical data flows to improve execution. Ecosystem integration will not only improve that execution and make the life of the IT admin easier but will enable the positive business outcomes that matter to your bottom line.

Beyond the Sessions

Gartner AADI London is a great conference, and there are many interesting sessions to attend at Gartner. We just want you to fully understand the reasons you’re attending and what you’re looking to gain from the event. Perhaps onboarding your trading partners and customers takes months, or you’re turning down new business opportunities because you can’t support a partner data requirement.

Whatever the reason, many companies will try to convince you that the answer is as simple as investing with them on the latest and best software. But that isn’t always the solution. We’re advising that you look at your environment through a different lens because there are a host of other factors to consider when thinking about integrating and enabling your digital ecosystem.

So, with your hotel and travel booked, how about really making this conference worthwhile and learning how Cleo Integration Cloud will deliver better results to your business ecosystem?

Come say hey at Booth S3, maybe talk a little Premier League, and then try our signature cocktail, the “Ecosystem Integration Elixir.” You’re not actually going to turn down a free drink, are you?

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