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Simpler application integration software for B2B flows. Rapidly integrate EDI or API-based transactions with any CRM, ERP, or TMS to create true end-to-end integrations.

Enterprise application integration

Leverage Rich APIs and Application Connectors

Accelerate delivery of custom integrations with a network of rich APIs and application connectors. Have your developers build applications core to your business, rather than complex API-based integrations. Cleo Integration Cloud provides flexibility to use both REST and SOAP APIs, allowing your business to consume both.

Additionally, there are built-in transformation capabilities that can be used to transform the format that is typically used for both sorts of APIs, such as XML and JSON. Cleo provides the foundation for business-to-business integration using APIs, furthering your capabilities solve all integration needs, and allowing for application integration in conjunction with EDI/B2B integration. 

Connect Applications Faster

With Cleo Integration Cloud, your business can unlock any communication protocol whenever you need it, with no additional costs. The platform leverages proven pre-configured connectors and templates, allowing you to spin up fast and efficient application integrations. 

Enhance Visibility

Increased visibility into data processes across the entire ecosystem reduces exposure to risk. Next-generation integration tooling provides real-time visibility via customizable dashboards, and such technologies deliver real-time monitoring and reporting to alert stakeholders of any data challenges with their most important business relationships. With Cleo Integration Cloud, you know whether your new trading partner relationships are at risk. 

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Onboard partners & applications faster

Combine templates, connectors and pre-defined partner profiles with our managed services to capture revenue faster.


Quickly configure dataflow endpoints between your trading partners and infrastructure

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.


Real-time integration visibility designed for every role

Customizable dashboards to surface technical & business insights. Drill down into reports for immediate intelligence to optimize productivity and operational efficiency.


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Unify EDI and application data integration

• Futureproof your EDI integration by connecting external data to your back-end systems

• Tie in ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and marketplace apps

• Unify integration views across partners and applications

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Accelerate API-based integrations

• Activate e-commerce, modernize your ERP, and upgrade integration to ensure the success of your business strategy

• Automate EDI onboarding processes to take on new ecosystem trading partners faster

• Accelerate seamless end-to-end EDI integrations between your multi-enterprise ecosystem and internal systems

Cleo integration connectors

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Logistics and Transportation

Cleo logistics and 3PL solutions provide deep automation for application and e-commerce integrations.



Use integration to enable fully-automated manufacturing business processes.


Wholesale and Distribution

Gain unprecedented visibility into your inventory levels and comprehensive insight over every integration with your trading partners.


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