Enterprise Application Integration
Simpler, faster integration
for smarter business results.

With each new business need comes another application and another data generation point to integrate. Elevate and advance your integration with Cleo’s application integration and API solutions to seamlessly connect best-of-breed enterprise and SaaS applications.

Prebuilt application connectors
Rapidly integrate mission-critical business processes to your backend systems and cloud applications
Remove complexity
Simplify information flows and shield your business from to complexity of integrating your CRM, ERP, SaaS, and e-commerce applications
Real-time visibility
Improve responsiveness and enable faster decision making through enhanced dashboards that deliver visibility to both IT and business users

Cleo is a single-source provider that can easily make AS2 and SFTP transfers and provides a wide range of protocols for any future needs.

Jim Sitzman

Kimball Electronics, Application Developer

Next-generation application integration

Quickly integrate new applications

  • Leverage application connectors, system and technology adapters, APIs, and wizards
  • Easily build and manage end-to-end integrations between internal and partner systems


Start Integrating Today

Streamline business operations

Rapidly and seamlessly integrate

  • Extend and automate business flows to your CRM, ERP, TMS, and other applications
  • Easily connect business data flows with core business systems

Govern and secure your data

  • Meet regulatory, industry, and partner compliance requirements
  • Ensuring your system and business are always ready for an audit


Learn How to Stay Compliant

Application Integration with Cleo Integration Cloud


Keep critical business and financial information up-to-date and make better, faster business decisions


Maintain legacy data functionality while enabling new applications to meet use case requirements


Track critical data like expense reporting, or benefits claims, to meet mandates


Meld legacy applications, back-end SaaS applications, homegrown scripts, and cloud applications


Reduce painstaking manual integration processes and risk of errors


View data exchanges in real-time with dashboards and automated reporting