Winners know playing
by the rules matters.

From HIPAA to GDPR, meeting SLAs and industry mandates means having data compliance solutions as swift as they are transparent. Let Cleo give you the power to quickly identify risk, address data errors, pinpoint potential compliance violations, and rapidly resolve issues.

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Maintaining data compliance relies on operational excellence
Easily connect internal systems, SaaS applications, and external trading partners

Accelerate data flows

Automate and scale data exchange processes while avoiding risk of errors or downtime

Simplify connectivity and integration

Unclutter integrations

Consolidate all integrations to ensure consistently high performing data flows

Ensure fluid data processes

Ensure fluid data processes

Streamline end-to-end data transformation, orchestration and movement processes

Most of our clients and partners expect us to provide integration solutions for real-time data exchange. With Cleo’s stable and easy-to-use technology, our costs and efficiencies have resulted in an average ROI of $5000 a month, and our time to resolve and respond to our customers has decreased by at least 60%.


Terri Sandine

Mohawk Global Logistics, Manager of Application Development

Cleo Integration Cloud: Connect

Security that never stops.

  • Encrypted connections: Ensure non-repudiation and data protection for any standard or industry-specific protocol, such as AS2/SFTP/ebMS - tested by the Drummond Group. 
  • Compliance made easy: Meet extensive data format standards with sweeping format handling and data translation conforming to international, national, state/provincial, local and industry regulations 



Increase speed of exception resolution

• Automatically route exception information to appropriate staff

• Remove slower manual tasks in error ID and resolution processes

• Prompt identification of exceptions with internal applications or external partners

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Increase speed of exception resolution

Proactive error identification

• Centralize management and reporting of all exceptions

• Perform root cause analysis on recurring exception conditions

• Proactively address potential exception occurrences

Proactively address potential exception occurrences

Real-time compliance management

• Provide end-to-end governance of all data exchanges

• Drive quicker actions with real-time data flow visibility

• Improve partner ecosystem relationships with proactive alerts and updates

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Improve partner ecosystem relationships with proactive alerts and updates

Ensure Compliance with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud brings automation and visibility to all integration processes, making it easier to identify and resolve errors, and improving end-to-end operational flows.

Single platform

Centralize all integrations to ensure rapid data movement and synchronization


Standardized exception identification / notification / resolution process suppor


Streamline data processes while removing risk of manual errors

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Event and non-event alerts to preempt risk of SLA and mandate violations


Monitor all data exchanges in real-time moving through your business