News: Cleo Leadership Team Offers Insight on Hybrid Cloud Integration to CIOs, Businesses

Every chief information officer knows the importance of the hybrid cloud in today’s digital ecosystem. But for those CIOs who need better insight regarding the challenges and complexities that hybrid cloud offers, of the India-based media outlet The Economic Times reached out to Cleo leadership to help shed some light.

In the article, Chief Technology Officer John Thielens and Senior Vice President of Product Development Jorge Rodriguez spoke to Cleo’s committed emphasis on cloud products, integration, and initiatives, as well as how hybrid could be a permanent infrastructure piece of any modern business and industry.

“Absolutely, that’s the driving influence for the direction of our product line,” Thielens said in the article. “We view, on the one hand, cloud as a strategy that’s something inevitable and exorable. And also the shape of the cloud will be fundamentally hybrid. It will be multi-clouds and cloud on-premise.”

According to a McAfee study referenced by ETCIO, over the last couple of years, hybrid cloud deployment has more than doubled from 19 percent in 2015 to 57 percent in 2016. At the same, only-private cloud deployment has almost reduced to half from 51 percent in 2015 to 24 percent in 2016.

“If you look two to five years from now, as a software solutions company, you either have a cloud or have the engine that are powering somebody else’s cloud, and that’s really our future direction,” Rodriguez stated in the article. “We have a very rich set of integrations, in particular one of the market-leading B2B integration product sets.”

The article also touched on:

  • How advanced data movement and integration tools enable customers to leverage cloud infrastructure at scale
  • How businesses get value out of Cleo technologies to help power data moving into a SaaS environment
  • How hybrid cloud expands the concept of “migrate completely”
  • How Cleo is revving-up its service to global partners in India

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