RADAR from Cleo Brings Unparalleled Control Over Supply Chain Expectations Through Real-Time SLA Definition, Monitoring and Management

New solution for SLA compliance provides early detection and proactive alerting, enabling organizations to eliminate costly SLA violations and grow profit margins

ROCKFORD, Illinois -- February 15, 2022  As business leaders struggle to meet ever-changing customer expectations in the post-pandemic world, their inability to monitor and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is putting important business partner relationships and key revenue streams at risk.  

But thanks to Cleo, the global leader in ecosystem integration technology, now there's a solution: Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) Cockpit with RADARTM (Real-time Analytics, Data-driven Actions & Results) provides the industry's first integration-driven automated SLA compliance and risk-notification framework that enables early detection and real-time alerting of at-risk operational SLAs.  

Until now, organizations had to painfully combine and make sense of data from disparate spreadsheets, ERP modules, or custom-built solutions to manually track SLA compliance through a "rear-view mirror" or after-the-fact view. This severed customer relationships, brought ghastly chargebacks, and resulted in unpredictable impact to profits. RADAR provides a planned, forward-looking "windshield" view to organizations by bringing real-time SLA monitoring and management representing a proactive solution to a critical business challenge. 

Empowering IT and Operational Teams

Built on top of CIC Cockpit, the integration industry's most comprehensive real-time operational dashboard, RADAR empowers supply chain-driven businesses to mitigate compliance risk by defining, measuring, reporting, and acting immediately on time-sensitive SLA notifications. 

SLAs can be configured in minutes by business, operational, or technical users instantly creating dashboards and charts to monitor these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time. Additionally, users can quickly create thresholds to receive alerts and notifications before SLA violations occur. Each user gets to define alerts that are relevant or valuable to their specific role, making every real-time notification both timely and actionable. 

"RADAR is one of the most impactful innovations ever for the supply chain industry. It leverages digital and operational precision to completely turn the tables on SLA mandates," says Mahesh Rajasekharan, president and CEO of Cleo. "With compliance requirements constantly changing, and penalties getting steeper, it's high time supply chain-driven manufacturing, logistics, and distribution companies have the wherewithal to proactively take control by optimizing operations and KPIs. Our customers will be able to create ecosystem trust, improve their reputations, and build predictable performance."

Making Better Business Decisions

Now companies can lead from the front and make smarter decisions by taking charge whenever SLAs are at risk and consistently meet their customer, carrier, or trading partner compliance mandates to exceed performance expectations and gain a competitive edge. 

"Cleo's RADAR is proving to be a total game-changer by creating more predictability in our operations and protecting our revenue and relationships through better SLA management of our B2B transactions," said Jeffrey Dinard, CIO of Vari. "We can set up these valuable SLA notifications within 15 minutes. Now, with real-time access to monitor our SLAs, our team can be more proactive when managing the health of our B2B business with Amazon, resellers, warehouses, logistics providers, and our fans. RADAR brings us the ability to track and exceed our commitments for critical parts of the transaction life cycle; it will give us complete control and visibility to address risk to operational SLAs before problems occur which will positively impact our bottom line."

Rethinking How Organizations Can Manage SLAs

CIC RADAR includes critical components and tools to allow organizations to rethink how they setup, monitor, measure, and optimize business performance:   

  • SLA Monitoring and Management:
    • Intuitively configure globally accessible SLA definitions
    • Filter and report on operations by SLA status
  • SLA Notifications:
    • Get immediate notification for at-risk or missed SLAs
    • Opt-in to SLA alerts to get insights needed in your role 
  • SLA Dashboards:
    • View SLA metrics by customer and partner
    • Prioritize and act on impacted transactions to protect revenue, relationships, and reputation.

"Literally no one else in the integration market has an SLA management offering like RADAR, and there's a reason for that," Rajasekharan said. "Providing companies with the agility to rethink how they setup, monitor, measure, and optimize business performance is a technological challenge too big for most, but Cleo has done it." 

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See Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) Cockpit with RADAR for Yourself

Watch a short demo video, take a self-guided product tour, or request a meeting with a Cleo Solution Architect to learn how an early warning system covering your SLAs can help you redefine how you monitor, measure, and optimize business compliance and performance.  

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