AS2 Connector: Basics, Benefits, and Practices of AS2 Connectivity

AS2 Connector Basics, Benefits, and Practices of AS2 Connectivity

Businesses across the globe rely on AS2 connectors every day to streamline business processes. But what are AS2 connectors, how do they work, and what are the benefits? Find out below. 

What Is AS2?

Short for applicability statement 2, AS2 was released in the early 2000s and has since become one of the most popular protocols for securely sending and receiving EDI. The mass adoption is largely credited to Walmart adopting the technology and mandating its 10,000 suppliers use AS2 EDI to exchange data. Technology-wise, AS2 software harnesses HTTP/S and S/MIME based protocol to quickly transmit secure EDI messages.

Why Is AS2 Important? 

AS2 allows businesses to securely and quickly communicate data with trading partners.

Where Is AS2 Used?

The most common application of AS2 is for EDI transactions, replacing the older and more expensive VAN technology. Retail is the dominant industry that uses AS2, however, the technology has a large presence in a large swath of industries.

Why Is AS2 Used?

AS2 has become a dominant player in the realm of EDI due to its secure nature. For example, the healthcare industry utilizes AS2 because its secure nature is HIPPA compliant. 

It is difficult for hackers to access AS2 file transfers since they are encrypted and sent via an SSL tunnel. The recipient of the message then sends a delivery receipt to the sender, which includes a checksum value. The sender can then confirm if the received message is identical to the message they sent. 

What Is An AS2 Connector?

Integration platforms act as AS2 connectors. Integration platforms allow companies to set up connections to one another, while also processing EDI transactions. To set up a connection, both parties need to first connect their computers to the internet via a point-to-point connection.

What Is An AS2 Connection?

An AS2 connection is a digital link between a business and a trading partner, that allows EDIs to be sent and received. In order to set up an EDI AS2 connection, a company needs to use an integration platform.

What Is AS2 Protocol in EDI?

AS2 protocol is a popular and secure file transfer method used by businesses and trading partners. An AS2 protocol transmits EDIs on top of HTTP or HTTPs. Additionally, the AS2 connector utilizes S/MIME to encrypt documents.

What Is An AS2 MDN?

Message Disposition Notification (MDN) is an electronic acknowledgement of the successful reception of an AS2 transfer. One of the most common b2b communications, MDNs are sent to the sender via AS2 after an electronic message has been sent, confirming the message has been transmitted completely.

Typically MDNs check two critical events:
   1.    Whether the AS2 transfer was successfully completed
   2.    The message received by the desired recipient without change

Set up an AS2 MDN Connection in 5 steps with Cleo Cloud:
   1.    The sender gives an encrypted EDI message with digital signature to the desired recipient
   2.    Transmission of the EDI message over the Internet via AS2 (sending of the message)
   3.    The message is decrypted by the recipient and the digital signature of the sender is verified
   4.    The recipient prepares the requested MDN and applies a digital signature. It is then sent back to the sender
   5.    The sender receives the MDN, verfying the digital signature of the recipient

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Top 3 Benefits of AS2 Connectivity

There are multiple benefits to AS2 connectivity, with the main ones being: 
   ●    Security: Offers end-to-end data encryption, SSL encryption, and hashing
   ●    Cost: Affordable since transmissions use the internet 
   ●    Flexibility: Allows large file transfers and any data type including non-EDI payloads

Benefits of Efficient AS2 Connectivity

Cleo makes setting up AS2 connections easy. To create a connection, users go into our Cleo’s platform and set up an endpoint. The endpoint should only take a few minutes to create, as it simply requires the user to fill in information regarding their business and the trading partner. 

Take Advantage of Built-in AS2 Connectivity

Cleo’s platform, called CIC, comes with AS2 connectivity built-in. So users receive AS2 connectivity alongside the suite of other Cleo features and benefits. Standout stats for Cleo’s integration platform include 4x faster partner and application onboarding, 80% faster issue resolution time, and 40% total cost of ownership reduction. 


How Top Companies Are Achieving The #1 Gold-Standard AS2 Solution

Better AS2 software means easier connection to your partners. Cleo Integration Cloud is the number one ranked AS2 software. With Cleo, you can effortlessly create AS2 connections with your most important trading partners and start doing business faster. Take a guided tour of our AS2 platform to see for yourself how easy it is to set up AS2 connections.


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