EDI 824 - Application Advice

The EDI 824 Application Advice document is sent by the buyer to the supplier to report the acceptance, rejection, or required changes to an EDI document. Learn about EDI 824s by reading the guide below.

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EDI 824

What is an EDI 824 Application Advice?

The EDI 824 Application Advice is an electronic version of the application advice document, which notifies the sender of a previous transaction that the document has been accepted, or in order to report on any potential errors.


How is an EDI 824 Application Advice used?

The EDI 824 Application Advice is used to report the acceptance, rejection, or change of acceptance within a given transaction set. An EDI 824 is not to be used in place of a document designed as a response to another document, such as an EDI 754 in response to an EDI 753. After the EDI 824 is received by the buyer an EDI 997 (Functional Acknowledgement) is sent back to the seller to indicate the successful reception of the transaction.

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