CIC Studio: Rich integration environment designed for exceptional agility & control

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Gain more control over your EDI & B2B processes

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"Agility is synonymous with sustainable success in the age of digital ecosystems, and we rely on Cleo for highly adaptive integrations that speed our innovation. CIC Studio helps us get closer to our customers and partners because their world changes so quickly that our business processes must be primed to accommodate them."


Ed Krupka


Burris Logistics

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Don't just take our word for it! Dive into real-world experiences with CIC Studio and the transformative power of achieving integration control:

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  • Integration chronicles podcast episode
    Should You Choose a Self-Service or Black Box Solution?

    In this podcast episode, Marin Morita (Professional Services Director at Data Communication Solutions Inc.) addresses self-service integration versus black-box integration.

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  • CIC Platform Tour
    Cleo Integration Cloud Tour

    Experience the power of Cleo Integration Cloud for yourself by taking a guided, interactive tour.

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  • Self-service, managed services, or a blend of both infographic
    Cleo Service Options: Managed, Self, or Blended

    Unsure what "blended services" means? This infographic cracks the code in one clear picture.

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