High-Speed Data Transfer More Critical Than Ever

Team Cleo
High-Speed Data Transfer can solve your large file and database issues.

As a tech-savvy person, you’ve probably noticed files are getting bigger. Hard drives are getting bigger. Databases are getting bigger. The amount of stuff that we’re digitizing and recording is increasing. More is being demanded from enterprise-grade managed file transfer software. And business processes are getting more and more digital with lots of attributes, photos, and contributors offering updates and details. But how does this data get moved around?

In keeping with its leadership, innovation, and deep expertise in moving the world’s business data, Cleo developed a high-speed data transfer solution to easily execute large file transfers more quickly than ever.

There exists a large gap in the marketplace when it comes to high-speed data transfer. Some companies say they can transmit your data fast, but how fast is fast? Is it reliable? How will you know if it gets to where it needs to go? Factor in the prevailing nature of global file transfer across multiple networks and the need to optimize bandwidth usage for everyday business functions, and managing data flows at a high velocity becomes more challenging than ever.

Consider a lengthy road trip. Type your destination into Google Maps, check out the various routes, and determine which route is best for your trip. The fastest route generally wins out, and condensing this transit duration often means:

  • Less time cooped up in a vehicle
  • Less anxiety about actually getting to your destination using established, well-maintained roads
  • Fewer chances of having issues on the road, with the kids in the car, etc.
  • More productivity and time spent enjoying the destination

In this scenario, choosing the fastest destination might mean you miss out on some anticipated side trips or some great scenery. But in the data world, there’s not much room for scenery when speed and reliability actuate the bottom line.

The amazing part about getting faster file transfer with Cleo Jetsonic is that it doesn’t involve physically adding any new parts, like installing nitro boosters in your car. The Cleo Jetsonic design and technology simply optimize performance, much like a Learjet is engineered so that each part works together as a smooth, comprehensive flying machine.

A large file in motion can stall productivity, and the chance for transfer error is magnified as the file size grows. Reduce these transfer errors and:

  • Improve business velocity to reduce risk and increase competitiveness
  • Recover from operational challenges more quickly
  • Exceed more stringent service-level agreements with your customers

Power your organization’s data transfer initiatives with the security, speed, and ease of use found only in leading file acceleration solutions.

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