TaylorMade Can Say 'Yes,' Ensure Growth with Cloud EDI Integration

Cloud EDI integration helps support TaylorMade Golf’s global expansion.

Migrating EDI to the cloud strengthens golf brand’s partner data transactions, enables its ecosystem

Even the most casual golf fan is familiar with the TaylorMade brand, which is one of the leading equipment and golf ball manufacturers in the world. Part of achieving such a marquee status is, first and foremost, building quality equipment for golfers of all levels. But complementary to that is TaylorMade’s ability to get that equipment into the hands of golfers all over the world, and that requires reliable B2B and ERP integration processes to support EDI-based workflows, order automation, and guaranteed distribution.

TaylorMade’s growth strategy involved expanding into APAC and other new markets, but successful execution means that the interactions with TaylorMade products and catalogs by their partners in these regions had to be seamless to ensure reliable fulfillment and distribution. To have the confidence to succeed in this expansion after its divestiture from Adidas, which left TaylorMade to provide its own EDI capabilities going forward, TaylorMade sought a managed service with immense integration flexibility.

TaylorMade uses the Cleo Integration Cloud platform for the movement and transformation of all its EDI data, supporting scores of trading partners and data interactions across three global organizations within the company. The seamless migration of TaylorMade's business and operational ecosystem to a single EDI cloud platform further enables the millions of transactions a year constituting the lifeblood of the company’s omnichannel revenue streams.

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During a customer panel at Cleo’s annual user event in October, Jen Niethammer, TaylorMade’s senior EDI and compliance coordinator, discussed the benefits of a robust cloud integration solution for a company aggressively expanding its worldwide reach. Here are a few excerpts from that discussion.

On the benefits of cloud EDI integration

“The flexibility has been a huge benefit for us. Being combined with all the Adidas brands, we weren’t able to do all the things that our customers wanted because Adidas had to support a host of other organizations and all their requirements at the same time.”

On the advantages of internal visibility

“We’ve been able to roll more visibility and reporting out to individual internal departments, which we were never able to do before. All the people that had to rely on IT before now have visibility, and when you’re able to spread that visibility out to customer service, shipping, etc., those departments get a better understanding of what the EDI teams are doing and how it all works.”

On how the ‘magic’ happens

“People who have never really been exposed to EDI think, ‘Wow, EDI is magic.’ When other departments understand more about how it works, it brings so many new eyes onto what we’ve been doing the same way for so long. The benefit is that the workloads are spread around a bit, and we get new ideas and insights into how things can improve. It’s exciting.”

On how to meet evolving data requirements

“Cleo’s given us so much more flexibility. Everything had to remain very vanilla with Adidas, but Cleo frees us up to make changes more quickly and be more nimble. We’re able to diversify and do the things that our customers need, and we didn’t have that before. Now, we’re able to provide the sprinkles to our customers.”

On how to better serve customers

“In the retail industry today, it doesn’t matter what you sell, manufacture, or what area of retail you’re in. It’s all about how to reduce shipping times, reduce turnaround times, and deliver a better customer experience. As we get better, a lot of those parameters will shrink, and we’ll be able to offer faster service and more of what the customer needs.”

On the power of saying ‘yes’

“Being able to say ‘yes’ now almost all the time … that’s a really good feeling.”


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