Blog: How Do You Secure Your Paper in this Digital World?

Document management has become a digital reality for every organization, but some paper isn’t going away anytime soon

The recent CIO Magazine article “Why Paper Still Rules the Enterprise” provides some deep truths about businesses today: Paper is still very much an integral part of many workflows, and certain employees, depending on their job function, still print hundreds of pages each month.

The security and chain of custody concerning some of these documents, especially when it comes to legal and medical varieties, can send shivers up the spine of any compliance department. Document management has become a digital reality for every organization, but some paper isn’t going away anytime soon. So how do we integrate traditional paper workflows with new digital ones?

Some of the cool enhancements in the new Cleo Streem® 7.2 release makes life even easier for businesses trying to address the concerns of integrating paper and digital workflows. The Cleo Streem interactive engagement solution for years has kept people and processes in sync by simplifying and integrating systems and multi-function printers (MFPs) with reliable and secure email, fax, voice messaging, and text messaging services. So it’s not new that the Cleo Streem solution solves even more secure data integration issues.

Integration with Secure File Sharing, Messaging        

This version of the Cleo Streem solution supports Xerox MFP integration with Cleo Unify™ and Cleo Trust™ file sharing solutions, enabling Xerox MFP users to scan paper documents into Cleo Unify with various folder browsing, file naming, file format, and file expiration options. This integration also enables users to create secure messages and scan paper documents as digital attachments using the Cleo Trust solution. The combined integration suite of Cleo Streem, Cleo Unify, and Cleo Trust, paired with a quality MFP, creates a powerhouse that addresses every possible method for integrating paper, electronic, voice, text, and fax information into your data management systems.

In healthcare, for instance, exchanging paper documents between doctors, insurance companies, patients, and healthcare facilities – and the need to securely share these files – still exists, and a Cleo-enabled MFP delivers a seamless and secure management option. This functionality also addresses the need for communication between doctors and patients where paper copies of test results and other personally identifiable information (PII) need to be sent securely.

By providing a Cleo-branded MFP application for Xerox, users don’t have to find some other means of digitizing and sharing paper documents – they can do it all from one device – creating a more user-friendly experience, and giving your company a means to manage and track the distribution of information. This puts another great function in “multi-function” devices.

On-Demand Printing

Remember all those times you received a fax on the printer or traditional fax machine and then forgot to pick it up? How about the times you didn’t even know the fax came in? Or how about when you went to retrieve a fax from a printer and it was buried beneath dozens of other printed documents? What if the printed information contained confidential medical information or other personal information, just sitting there exposed? Your business could be cited and fined for non-compliance for each fax.

My Fax Release for Xerox MFPs addresses that issue. When an incoming fax is received, an alert can be sent to the recipient letting them know a fax has been received but has been held in queue until they are ready to print it. The solution will hold the document until the user is physically present at the MFP and has unlocked and authenticated himself at the MFP. This protects PII, enforces an auditable chain of custody of the information, and provides convenience since the user can go to any Cleo-enabled MFP to release it.

Additional Features

Some other enhancements in Cleo Streem 7.2 include:

  • Additional secure protocols for transfers between user desktops and the Cleo Streem server
  • Cleo-enabled fax integration for Canon MFPs

Learn more about streamlining security, productivity, data integration, and messaging needs with the latest release of the Cleo Streem technology, the most robust network fax and document management solution in the market.

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