Cleo Streem: Secure network fax and interactive communications.

Cleo Streem® is a dynamic interactive engagement platform that enables secure communication in a variety of ways. Many companies deal with a conglomeration of communications methods handled by a number of different vendors, but the Cleo Streem solution turnkey enterprise system that gives users a single system for email, phone, text, and fax from the same platform.

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Robust Communications System

Organizations implementing the Cleo Streem solution:

  • Save substantial time and money
  • Leverage existing infrastructures
  • Improve security and regulatory compliance
All-in-One Communications Platform

Fax communications are a mission-critical part of doing business in many organizations today. However, poor communication between systems and people leads to unnecessary delays, inefficiencies, and low satisfaction rates, and reliance on outmoded communication methods such as traditional fax machines also yields unnecessary costs. What if you had a solution that bridged the gap between your systems and the important people in your business — your customers, team members, suppliers, partners, and more?


Get your message out  

  • Email, phone call, text, or even fax
  • Appointment reminders to school closures
  • Audience of 1 or 10,001
  • Reach customers, vendors, and employees 
Communications Flexibility

By providing interactive communications, Cleo Streem provides real-time customer feedback to help you gather information, coordinate work crews or discover if a customer or patient can keep an appointment. Drive down the cost of missed appointments and make adjustments to customer needs much faster with direct communication.


Easily and effectively message large groups 

  • Contact parents and students about a school closure
  • Spread news about new store hours
  • Automate calling trees and other manual processes
Secure Fax Workflows

Thanks to security and compliance standards like HIPAA, FERPA, and SOX, secure fax communication remains an essential component to many businesses. But your faxing solution does not have to be stuck in a manual, labor-intensive, cost-prohibitive analog world. Cleo Streem automates messaging workflows, no matter the method of communication.


Deliver information and improve communications:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Order shipment notice
  • Vendor satisfaction appraisals
  • Travel alerts
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"After purchasing and installing Cleo, we were amazed how quickly we were up and trading transactions with our customer. Cleo has many predefined configurations available for download, and had one specifically for our customer. The configuration literally plugged into their software within seconds. After putting in our credentials, the file transfer worked the first time."

Randy R., Verified G2 User

Industry Benefits

"Cleo Streem is an extremely useful tool. The more we use it, the more we find other alternative uses and benefits."

  • IT Specialist, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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Additional Benefits of Enabling Secure Communication with Cleo Streem

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