Blog: The Bar is Raised on Secure File Sharing for Business

Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust provide secure file sharing alternatives to Dropbox and Box

We here at Cleo world headquarters know that secure data movement in the workplace is more important than ever. Costly data breaches, fines for operating out of compliance, and other data protection mandates constantly threaten companies’ bottom lines and their brands.

And that’s why the latest releases of our secure file sharing and secure messaging solutions, Cleo Unify™ and Cleo Trust™, have been specifically designed to deliver the super-easy-to-use file sharing and collaboration tools your business users need, but also with the enterprise IT security capabilities you require.

A secure alternative to Dropbox and Box, the Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust on-premise software solutions enable business users to securely and easily share files of all sizes, both internally and externally, while providing the visibility and governance needed to control mission-critical data in accordance with corporate, industry, and governmental compliance requirements.

Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust software can operate independently or in conjunction with Cleo’s proven secure data integration solutions, which is a huge advantage. It means you can not only securely connect your teams with each other to collaborate, but also with the applications and systems that process some of those files. Enabling secure file sharing, secure messaging, and secure managed file transfer to operate all from a single platform – with a single access point for all of your data flows – changes the game for IT departments managing these tasks and positions an organization for growth well into the future.

We’ll all look back one day and laugh when recalling the days we chose to use less secure consumer- and cloud-based online file sharing programs for mission-critical business transactions. That day could be today. Learn more about the new release of Cleo Trust and Cleo Unify or contact Cleo for more information on leading your organization forward with advanced business solutions.

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