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With more than 100,000 installations around the world, Cleo has what you need.

We came across this recent article titled “Why People Buy Products, Services and Brands” and addresses several great points on why customers are loyal to certain companies and their offerings.

Among some of the aesthetic reasons customers buy physical things, the author lists a number of practical applications for goods and services. With more than 100,000 installations around the world, we thought we’d dive into our customer data to explain why so many people have chosen Cleo’s products, services, and brand for more than 35 years.

They solve problems

Cleo’s biggest strength is the ability to improve digital communications in a multitude of ways. Every customer’s needs are different: Some seek quicker onboarding of new trading partners. Others need to say “yes” to customers requesting use of a particular communication protocol. Still others need to meet new compliance measures or service-level agreements to manage data and their transactions. Whatever the issue, Cleo’s portfolio of solutions can meet your needs.

They give staff more time

Business users often request visibility into the documents that they transfer/exchange so they can monitor business activity and stay on top of any possible conflicts. Quick issue identification and self-serve status checking for these users reduce requests to the IT department, which could waste valuable hours tracking down transfer statuses and troubleshooting.

Coupled with some strategic file and reporting automation, great managed file transfer solutions can eliminate the minutiae and free up your team members for more important tasks.

They reduce anxiety

We don’t even imagine putting laundry in the washer, turning a knob or two, pushing start, and then returning to find the clothing not washed. We just count on the machine to work. Every time.

Knowing something will always work offers tremendous peace of mind, and a reliable IT architecture helps ensure that peace of mind with internal employee and external customer satisfaction. And in the age of massive file sizes that can slow and often error-out a transfer, reliability should be a top priority.

Cleo’s managed file transfer and data integration solutions earn a virtually 100% customer renewal rate and continue to pave the way in secure file sharing.

The Cleo brand makes life easier, increases security and productivity in the workplace, and eases customer worries.  That’s a great foundation for customer loyalty.

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