What is EDI? Everything You Should Know

Electronic data interchange (EDI) can be an expansive subject, but given its importance in making the business world go ‘round, it’s one that worth wrapping your head around. As a starting point, it makes sense to dig into the fundamentals and get the hard fact, insight, and business knowledge that answers the question, “What is EDI?”

Getting Started with EDI? Here’s your guidebook

If you’ve just started doing EDI or are considering it to meet a trading partner requirement or industry mandate, EDI can seem like an uphill battle. Consider the following questions:

What is a purchase order?

How do I send an invoice?

These are basic questions related to trading documents electronically. But, the EDI basics form the very foundation of sophisticated and modern business processes that can help your business generate a competitive edge in any industry.

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Here is quick glimpse of what you’ll cover:

  • What’s with all the three-letter acronyms – VAN, API, XML, ERP, et al?

  • What is an advanced ship notice (ASN)?

  • What are the differences among all the flavors of FTP, including SFTP and FTPs?

  • Where do RESTful Web Services come into play?

  • What should you know about EDI validation and orchestration?

Gain an understanding of the critical EDI terminology, and get a shortcut to becoming an EDI expert.

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