B2B Integration

Enable more customers, partners, and suppliers to do business with you by confidently managing any data requirement using B2B integration software. With Cleo's centralized B2B integration platform, you'll be able to accept, transform, route and securely connect and integrate all data types, from any source, to any target.

Next generation B2B Integration

Cut partner onboarding time in half
  • Reduce onboarding time by 50% or more by automating the re-use of pre-existing partner maps

  • Handle any new data type (of any size or volume) with centralized data transformation, orchestration and accelerated data movement

  • Ensure 100% uptime with high availability and database independence for reliable business continuity

Superior scalability
  • Create new integrations without compromising existing data flows

  • Easily handle increased transaction volumes

  • Ensure 100% uptime with highly availability and database independence for reliable business continuity

Context-rich business analytics
  • View all data transactions moving throughout your business in real-time

  • Enable non-technical and business users to access customized data views

  • Gain deeper insight into partner interactions to identify new opportunities

Cleo Integration Cloud

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B2B Integration. Beyond the 
technology, it's about the relationships. 

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Real-time EDI visibility 

Cleo Integration Cloud gives you comprehensive insight into all your EDI transactions and integrations for immediately actionable B2B integration intelligence. 


Tie Together Mission-Critical Business Processes

Take advantage of end-to-end views of trading partners and transactions that offer rich content and complete context across revenue-driving processes such as order-to-cash.


Quickly configure endpoints between your trading partners and core business systems

Lightweight CIC Agents help you easily design and build end-to-end flows from your business trading partners to internal file servers and databases.


Rapidly assess the health of your B2B integrations

From trading partner score cards to first-rate exception management, Cleo lets you pinpoint risk, collaborate with your trading partners, and speed the time resolution with complete control and transparency.


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Seamlessly transact with the world's largest trading
partners — no expertise required.

Nothing compares to Cleo. We use the software to integrate with other applications, databases and customers/trading partners. We use it for all our data conversion projects. The development is fast and allows for multiple formats of data.

Warren Kuhl

Director, Information Technology, Johnson Brother Liquor Company

Customer Interview:

Jack Cooper uses Cleo as a "one-stop shop" for data movement & EDI integration

Jack Cooper Transport & Logistics has been moving vehicles across North America for nearly a century, but an aggressive acquisition strategy in recent years led to a duplication of systems and disparate mapping approaches.

B2B integration for any industry

Logistics and Transportation

Cleo logistics and 3PL solutions provide deep automation for application and e-commerce integrations.



Use integration to enable fully-automated manufacturing business processes.


Wholesale and Distribution

Gain unprecedented visibility into your inventory levels and comprehensive insight over every integration with your trading partners.


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