Ecosystem Enablement

Ecosystem Enablement

Flexible connections
keep your ecosystem tight.

Manage integration across systems, applications, customers, and partners. Attract, acquire, and strengthen new business relationships by accelerating integration with your digital ecosystem of systems, applications, customers, and business partners to optimize operational agility and take on any integration requirement.

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Extend your business by consolidating and automating secure integrations

Modernization simplified

Consolidate integration systems into a single platform for streamlined data flows & centralized visibility

Unmatched flexibility

Agnostically handle any number of new partners, applications, data types and sizes

Enhanced efficiency

Greatly reduce the time and cost of building and maintaining integration processes

There are lots of hands to deal with, and we realized we couldn’t track it effectively, which is a problem when much of your business requires meeting compliance regulations. Plain and simple, Cleo delivered and my company got everything that we were looking for.

Michael Donham

Octapharma, Director, Information Technology

Streamline and scale operations

• Rapidly implement end-to-end integration flows to meet any new use case or requirement

• Improve operational flexibility to easily scale data processing peaks

• Ensure 100% uptime with a robust and secure architecture

Streamline and scale operations

Do more business faster

• Accept, transform and securely move any data type, size or volume

• Reduce partner onboarding time by up to 50% by automating integration processes

• Remove risk of SLA non-compliance with complete data governance

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Reduce partner onboarding time by up to 50% by automating integration processes

Increase ROI

• Reduce need for custom code or specialized skill sets

• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of integration infrastructure and maintenance

• Reallocate resources from complex integrations to core, value-creation business initiatives

Increase ROI

Drive business analytics

• Access real-time visibility into all data transactions

• Enable business intelligence (BI) tools with rapid data lake ingestion

• Extend data and partner transaction views to non-technical users

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Drive business analytics

Ecosystem Enablement with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud eliminates the challenges in managing complex integration processes that prevent companies from meeting business and partner requirements.

End-to-end integration

Seamless process for data transformation, orchestration and movement

Control and visibility

Monitor and manage in real-time all data exchanges moving through your business

Flexibility and agility

Leverage an elastic infrastructure to easily enable new business processes

Partner onboarding

Accelerate onboarding processes through automated reuse of project templates

Complete governance

Reduce risk of costly SLA and mandate violations