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Data Transformation

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As your business grows, so does the number of data formats and applications you must support. Cleo provides centralized any-to-any data mapping software and B2B data transformation solutions, with an engine to fully automate the connection, transformation, and integration of business-critical data exchanges.

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Quickly grow opportunities with B2B data transformation tools
Ensure fluid data processes

Support end-to-end processes

Create one-to-many ecosystem data exchanges between any internal system, cloud, and trading partner application utilizing EDI, XML, APIs, and more


Integration platform analytics

Drive data efficiency

Eliminate integration process bottlenecks by consolidating integrations to a single, easy-to-use platform

Automate business processes

Automate data mapping

Reduce the time and cost of building and maintaining data mapping software and transformation processes

We integrate between many different formats. To be able to bring on new trading partners quickly and re-use existing solutions in a timely manner is a great benefit.


John Barbagallo

Sr. System Analyst, Wells Enterprises, Inc.

Ecosystem Integration Combines Integration Technology with Persona-based Insights
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Data Transformation Tools to Connect Your Ecosystem

Automate data mapping and reduce the time and cost of building and maintaining data transformation software across your digital ecosystem.

Make your enterprise easy to do business with by fully automating the connection, transformation, and integration of business-critical data exchanges.


Speed the time to value

• Accelerate application and partner onboarding

• Meet changing partner data requirements by utilizing pre-existing templates


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Speed the time to value

Accelerate any-to-any integration

• Transform any data format from any application or trading partner source

• Automate data validation, transformation, and orchestration processes


Automate data validation, transformation, and orchestration processes

User Review: Mondetta Canada

"We were reliant on our ERP vendor to provide what we needed and were at their mercy for timelines and for cost. Now we are self sufficient and can also integrate with various systems"

Mauro Biefeni, IT Director   |   Mondetta Canada

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Streamline integration processes

• Handle elastic data processing peaks through flexible integration

• Reduce data flow bottlenecks by automating core integration processes


Streamline integration processes

Increase solution ROI

• Eliminate costly errors and non-compliance risk with end-to-end data visibility

• Remove the need for custom-coding or manual troubleshooting


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Speed the time to value

Data Transformation Tools with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud enables companies to create more efficient data transformation processes that allow them to improve internal operational flows, and become more responsive to new and changing customer requests.


Support every data format, including spreadsheets, XML, EDI, flat files, Web Services, and any application output


Automate integrations, remove process bottlenecks, and mitigate the risks of lost business or customer SLA compliance failure


Do more business - faster - by rapidly onboarding new connections within hours instead of days


Ensure you meet extensive security standards from partner, industry and government regulations


Accommodate rapid business growth by easily handling increased data transaction volumes with advanced data mapping software