Data mapping software for the modern business.

As your business grows, so does the pressure on your data mapping software.  Cleo provides centralized any-to-any B2B data transformation solutions, with an engine to fully automate the transformation and integration of critical data exchanges.


Quickly grow opportunities with leading data transformation tools

  • Create one-to-many ecosystem data exchanges between any internal system, cloud, and trading partner application utilizing EDI, XML, APIs, and more
  • Do more business - faster - by rapidly onboarding new connections within hours instead of days

  • Eliminate integration process bottlenecks by consolidating integrations to a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Support every data format, including spreadsheets, XML, EDI, flat files, Web Services, and any application output

  • Ensure you meet extensive security standards from partner, industry and government regulations

  • Reduce the time and cost of building and maintaining data mapping software and transformation processes
  • Automate integrations, remove process bottlenecks, and mitigate the risks of lost business or customer SLA compliance failure

  • Accommodate rapid business growth by easily handling increased data transaction volumes with advanced data mapping software



Speed the time to value

• Accelerate application and partner onboarding

• Meet changing partner data requirements by utilizing pre-existing templates


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Connect Applications and Partners

Accelerate any-to-any integration

• Transform any data format from any application or trading partner source

• Automate data validation, transformation, and orchestration processes


E-commerce Integration

Streamline integration processes

• Handle elastic data processing peaks through flexible integration

• Reduce data flow bottlenecks by automating core integration processes



Increase solution ROI

• Eliminate costly errors and non-compliance risk with end-to-end data visibility

• Remove the need for custom-coding or manual troubleshooting


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Self Service Integration

We integrate between many different formats. To be able to bring on new trading partners quickly and re-use existing solutions in a timely manner is a great benefit.


John Barbagallo
Sr. System Analyst
Wells Enterprises, Inc.

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