Cloud migration

Cloud Migration

Catch the cloud.
Without dropping the ball.

On-premise-to-cloud migration is a major step in your digital transformation efforts — as well as one of the most complex and expensive. Scalable yet perfectly flexible, and backed by deep integration skill and industry expertise, the Cleo cloud integration platform and cloud-to-cloud migration services support your cloud migration process.

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Migrate data to the cloud in hours instead of days or weeks
Simplify connectivity and integration

Eliminate custom coding

Leverage reusable project templates to create new cloud environment integrations within minutes without coding


Save time and money on integration processes

Migrate data 50%+ faster

Efficiently automate key integration processes and start migrating data faster than other methods

Data integrity and compliance solutions

100% data integrity

Ensure all data integrity according to established business rules, SLA requirements, and mandates

By utilizing Cleo's Cloud solution, we are benefitting from the Cleo knowledge and management while our internal staff can remain committed to other projects.

Scott Heffren

Prairie Farms, EDI Analyst

Cloud migration services

• Proven on-premise-to-cloud migration processes and cloud integration service ensure success for your public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud project

• Tips and best practices to mitigate risk and ensure continuity for any cloud migration

• Deep technical expertise and planning experience for a variety of cloud migration services

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Proven migration processes and roadmap ensure your project success

Accelerate your move to the cloud

• Automate tedious and time-consuming integration processes with a migration strategy 

• Centralize integrations to ensure efficient data flows to, from, and between cloud and on-premise systems

Automate tedious and time-consuming integration processes

Ensure maximum efficiency

• Eliminate data connection and integration errors associated to manual or custom migration

• Stay informed with automatic alert notifications and track data flows in real-time

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Eliminate data connection and integration errors associated to manual or custom migration

Make Certain the Success of your Cloud Migration

Cleo Integration Cloud accelerates data migration by automating complex data mapping, transformation, and orchestration processes.


Quickly migrate all of your data and integration processes in 50% less time than traditional methods


Generate project templates to accelerate future migration or onboarding processes


Ensure 100% uptime during migration activities


Reduce manual errors that can increase costs by eliminating the need for custom code


Ensure all data is controlled, trackable and visible through real-time data views via dashboards, reports, and automated notifications