Industrial Manufacturing

Engineer the future with precision integration.

Whether you work with metal, plastic, glass, textiles, or synthetics, modernization is key to staying at the cutting edge of your industry. Cleo integration solutions connect your systems, applications, and multi-enterprise business ecosystems, helping you decrease time to market and improve inventory management with end-to-end data visibility, governance, and security.

Industrial Manufacturing integration
Benefits for Industrial Manufacturing
Real-time intelligence starts with end-to-end visibility into your data

Analyze Your Data

• Real-time intelligence starts with end-to-end visibility into your data

• Provide extensive insight into purchase orders, advance shipment notices, ship status, and warehousing transactions

Enhanced SLAs

Protect your SLAs

• Eliminate the blind spots in your end-to-end business processes

• Limit potential SLA violations impacting reputation and key customer relations

Enable data security, in transit and at rest

Secure your Transactions

• Mitigate risk associated with external firewall access and protect internal systems

• Encrypt data at rest and inflight for secure transfer of sensitive corporate materials

Steel Technologies gained the EDI solution we’ve been wanting for a long time. It’s a secure, end-to-end solution that provides automation, data orchestration, and file movement on a single platform. We’re no longer in the dark on reporting and audit trail capabilities, and proactive alerts and notifications will help us better serve our customers.

Mike Hoben

Senior Software Engineer, Steel Technologies

Data Transformation

Cleo powers your business communications no matter the format. Automate and orchestrate your business workflows with comprehensive any-to-any data transformation to support both EDI and non-EDI format mapping.

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Data transformation

Data Connectivity

Connect and move your data across any trading partner connection or application. Integrate using robust APIs and secure protocol connectors to meet every data and trading partner requirement.

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Data Connectivity

Secure File Sharing

Enable teams to collaborate across company boundaries and securely share files. Amplify the speed and efficiency of R&D while allowing IT — and your company — to remain in control of critical data and integrate to back-end applications.

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Secure File Sharing