Know your data is always covered.

End-to-end data encryption ensures the compliance insurance organizations need for trusted exchanges with their customer and partner ecosystems. Cleo provides the data security and reliability required, but with the speed and control needed to deliver more value without the risk.

Benefits for Insurance

Ensure compliance with multinational, national, regional, and local governmental standards, including Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), NAIC, HIPAA, and SEPA.

Customer Service

Leverage an API-based customer self-service portal to provision secure access, accelerate support call resolution, and efficiently distribute critical information.


Show provable audit trails with comprehensive data tracking and granular reporting that stand up to in-depth examination and regulatory inspection.


'Dynamic case management helps the organization increase business agility, improve productivity, optimize case outcomes, and reduce the risk of customer attrition. When the enterprise is capable of securely facilitating real-time, bi-directional data flows between the support system, the enterprise, and the customer, it can exceed customer expectations.'

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Improve management of insurance billing, policy, and claims through efficient automation of traditionally time-consuming and manually intensive processes.

  • Accelerate data movement with seamless data transformation, orchestration, and secure movement processes
  • Respond faster with smart error identification and resolution processes

Cleo Customer Use Case


Easily connect with global financial institutions, regulatory organizations, and customers by accepting any data type and providing an array of secure protocols.

  • Automate onboarding processes to start doing business with new partners in half the time
  • Access hundreds of pre-built secure connectors to accelerate secure data exchanges

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Gain ultimate control with permission configuration at the user level, IP-based tracking, bi-directional proxy, and encryption that protects data in motion and at rest.

  • Eliminate shadow IT along with dangerous user behavior that accompanies unsanctioned software
  • Gain auditability and data safeguards to ensure NAIC mandates

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