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without worry.

In the digital age, financial institutions are pushing the limits of technology to provide customers with reliable information faster. But as demands for better customer experiences evolve, so do the challenges of managing and securing the growing amounts of data being exchanged.

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Connect your ecosystem

Cleo Integration Cloud ensures that all data transactions within your internal ecosystem and with your customers remain secure, auditable, and always rapidly moving, to keep money moving. As a single platform, Cleo Integration Cloud provides financial services organizations centralized control and visibility over every data exchange, from start to finish. 

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Financial services integration solution
 Meet all levels of compliance

Dependably meet international, regional, and local mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), MiFID, ARPA, and SEPA.

Access real-time data visibility

Leverage real-time data monitoring with automated alerts to ensure compliance, reduce the time to resolution, and identify new business opportunities with customers.

Ensure auditability with full audit trails of all end-to-end business process activity

Ensure data integrity, secure access to data, and provide proof of delivery with end-to-end data governance.

Cleo delivered the high-availability environment Tungsten Network needed to manage the substantial data transfers for our thousands of global trading partners. Cleo’s truly scalable architecture and advanced visibility features will be invaluable assets for making strategic business decisions and enabling Tungsten’s future growth.

Chris Talliss
Director of Technical Services and Operations
Tungsten Network