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The modern enterprise faces an increasingly competitive and chaotic global marketplace that is driving business executives to change strategies and tactics faster than ever. As businesses rapidly expand and evolve via new markets, lines of business, mergers, acquisitions, and other growth strategies, IT departments are challenged with providing modern business-to-business integration (B2Bi) solutions to meet expansive company needs. Unfortunately, what results many times is a “spaghetti” infrastructure of complex, heterogeneous, and inflexible systems that lead to inefficient business exchanges.

Organizations need tools to minimize the cost, time, and risk of repurposing functionality and data from these sprawling, point-to-point systems to meet ever-changing requirements. IT departments must ensure 100% uptime across a wide variety of tools, technologies, vendors, and business units, while ensuring compliance, security, and governance. Legacy systems must be enhanced, replaced, or retired with no impact on the flow of business data.

“Cleo is a very strong vendor in the integration space.”

Stefan Ried, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Stefan Ried

Cleo Integration Suite

Enhance or replace your legacy B2B systems

The Cleo Integration Suite offers advanced B2Bi and B2B gateway solutions to help enhance or replace legacy systems and improve your mission-critical business outcomes.

Our proven single-platform technology delivers secure managed file transfer (MFT), flexible cloud integration, and hybrid integration platform (HIP) solutions to enable next-generation B2B integration needs for the modern business ecosystem.



By 2020, the volume of daily internet-based B2B and B2Consumer transactions will reach 450 billion

Source: IDC estimate

Benefits of Cleo B2B gateway and B2B integration

Flexible integration

Enable enterprise integration with a variety of customers, suppliers, external trading partners, and industry exchanges (while also supporting internal application integration) using the Cleo Harmony® and Cleo VLTrader® solutions, vendor- and technology-agnostic technologies that support reliable connectivity, data transformation and automation functionality, and a wide variety of secure communications protocols. Cleo solutions also offer an API-powered self-service portal for seamless customer, partner, and supplier network extensions.


Improve responsiveness and enable improved decision making through enhanced dashboards that deliver visibility to both IT and business users. Stay on top of system health and receive alerts based on system performance or partner metrics, such as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), KPIs, and trading partner scorecards.


Govern and secure your data to meet regulatory, industry, and partner compliance requirements, ensuring your system and business are always ready for an audit.


Help drive 100% uptime with scalability, high availability, and load balancing on the robust Cleo Integration Suite platform.

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