WooCommerce Integration.

WooCommerce provides open source eCommerce solutions for businesses looking to launch a digital selling strategy. The platform enables customers to create customized online stores to engage shoppers and sell anything. Cleo Integration Cloud connects WooCommerce and your other business applications like ERP and CRM to keep data aligned between front-end and back-end systems.

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woocommerce integration connector
woocommerce integration

Frictionless application integration for WooCommerce

Eliminate manual integration processes
Reduce custom coding and leverage APIs
Verify and transform your data
Bridge application dataflows and EDI
Sync eCommerce data across backend systems

Why choose Cleo for WooCommerce integration?


Frank Kenney, Market Evangelist and Strategy Director, Cleo

To achieve agility and experience maximum value, multiple integration approaches may be necessary, including file-based, application, message-based, service-centric, on-premises, and cloud.


woocommerce integration connection

Connect and Integrate Your WooCommerce data today

With application integration from the Cleo Integration Cloud, you can easily connect WooCommerce to enable: 
Seamless integration with your ERP, CRM, and fulfillment systems and trading partners

Secure data handoff to enterprise applications and systems to streamline order to cash

Drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes

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